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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by crotchfruit, May 8, 2003.

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    abridged version with dumbass coworker this morning:

    him: "will reinstalling win98 format my drive?"
    me: "i don't think so. anyways, if it would, it will prompt you
    him: "so i won't lose any data?"
    (insert about another ten lines of him constantly asking me
    about his precious data)
    me: "no, why are you reinstalling win98 anyways?"
    (he goes into a story where a customer sent him a registry file [.reg] and he imported it by accident, now his windows box is totally jacked up - i saw it boot up.. completely screwed.)
    me: "why would importing a reg key jack up your windows?"
    him: "it was a file of his entire registry."
    me: "why would you import that?"
    him: "i did it by accident"
    me: "doesn't it prompt you first?"
    him: "i must have pressed enter too many times."
    (i am totally baffled by his stupidity at this point.)
    me: "why did the customer send you his registry?"
    him: "he said windriver (blah blah, something to do with our product) wasn't installed, i told him i would look at his registry."
    me: (at this point i am :o and don't want to deal with it) "ok... i guess"

    so he just tried to reinstall windows but didn't delete his original windows directory... so all the old fucked up registry stuff is still there and the reinstall didn't work :rolleyes: now he's trying to swap hardware in and out in order to get his video/ethernet cards recognized.
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    I do tech support, and I had a customer try and convince me he got online while in safe mode (without network support *not sure if that even works for getting online*) on his 98, and when I made him shut it down, he tried to tell me I had just destroyed his computer...:/

    he spoke to the head office hoping he would get me fired...twit

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    Thanks for reminding me to NEVER work in tech support. :big grin:

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