GUN Dumbasses with Pellet Guns


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Dec 3, 2006
So, I'm an MP and I had to transport the victim of a larceny to see CID today because he couldn't get his own ride. I had seen him in his room playing with a little pellet gun, but didn't think anything of it, he's allowed to have it. I mean, he should be careful because it looks like a real glock, but I don't care if it's in his room. Well, while I walked out to my patrol vehicle to wait for him, he went back to his room to make sure it was locked. Apparently, the dumbass grabbed the pellet gun and brought it with him into MY patrol car. He's lucky I didn't see it. I didn't search him because I didn't think it would be necessary to search someone I'm not apprehending. He left it in there, and when I found it later I was so mad. Who the hell brings a pellet gun with them into a cop car??!! If he had brought it out, he would have gotten shot. My squad leader was livid. I never got to find out why the kid brought it with him. I'd like to know his excuse. Unfortunately, since he's allowed to have it, there's nothing we can do to him. :squint:


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Aug 28, 2002
Ranger-AO said:
there is no good reason for him to take his pellet gun with him on government business - much less leave it in the MP car.

What if you were suicidal and couldn't find a bridge? :eek5:

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