GUN Dump truck plows into Newington gun store

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    I've bought from them before I hope they re open soon.

    Newington (WTNH)_ Police are investigating a possible smash and grab at a Newington gun store.

    Troopers say a truck plowed backwards into the front of the Hoffman's Gun Center at 2585 Berlin Turnpike around 3:00 a.m.. Iron bars on the windows didn't stop the truck from going all the way inside the building.

    "I saw the cops pulling up and in essence (police officers) were coming up with guns drawn, and I see this truck sticking out of the building," said Jerry Maldanado, who was on his way to work when it happened.

    It is unclear what was stolen, but officers say the store is known for its extensive collection of guns and ammunition.

    The truck, which has now been removed from the store, belongs to New Britain paving company, but it's unclear whether it was stolen or how it's linked to the robbers.

    Newington, Berlin, Hartford and state police have been on the scene. A Hartford police K-9 team is also scouring the area.

    The owner of the store is also there, helping police figure out what is missing.

    According to its web site, the store has been a family run business for more than 85 years. They sell new and used guns and rifles, including military style rifles. They also sell knives, accessories, and offer pistol permit classes.

    There are no reports of injuries.
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    That's why my friend's gun store has huge steel & concrete posts sticking down into the ground out front. Nobody's gonna get through those f**kers.

    Edit: spelling :o
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    I've played with the thought of opening a gun store much later in my life when I'm retired. Not so much to make money, but to pass the time since I'll be completely set financially.

    That place would be secure as fuck.

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