DVD Burner keeps locking up with Nero :wtc:

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    I received an external firewire Sony DVD Burner (DRX-800UL) for my laptop for christmas. It came with Nero SE 6.

    The first 6 DVDs I burned were all data DVDs, everything burned no problem. Then the next 5 kept locking up on me. I upgraded the firmware on the DVD player, still locked up. I upgraded nero to the newest version, it still locks up :hsd:

    I now have 10 new coasters due to Nero just stopping burning at different percentages. I've tried burning at different speeds and it just stops at different times. The timer keeps counting up, the DVD player is making noise, but it never finishes....the percentage complete just freezes on the screen.

    Any ideas on what else I could try to get this working again? I don't understand why it would work fine and then for no reason stop working. I haven't installed anything new on the computer since this. :dunno:

    Thanks for your help.
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    I think I would try different media first.

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