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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Robb, Feb 12, 2005.

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    So ive been having some problems with my dvd burner. I was having some issues burning cd's using nero, but i got that figured out, but it only burns track at once and not disc at once. The Dvd burner has a problem with the lead-in i believe, it will not even start to burn the cd and the error come before it even writes the dvd. I have tried using Nero, Alcohol 120, dvdsanta, all of these programs come back with various errors of why it cant burn the dvd. The problems first happened when i reinstalled my system in a new case, i also used rounded ide cables when i switched cases. I have tried switching back to regular flat ide cables, i have flashed the burner with the newest stuff. I have also tried uninstalling the burner, and then windows will recognize it when it restarts, this problem is really bothering me and i need idea's, if anyone can help me solve this, i will paypal them $5.00, possibly more if i feel generous :). Thanks
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    wellok then guy i can acctually solve this problem from my house. if you are running windows xp, im me on msn messenger at [email protected]. hey if i cant find a cure it pretty much dont exist.

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