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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by nucl3ar, Dec 28, 2001.

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    I am trying to hook up a DVD played in my living room but cannot get the playback to show on the TV. I hooked up the cables exactly accoring to the diagram in the manual and it will play a DVD. However nothing shows on the screen. It says you must put the TV on "Video 1". My TV does not have a "Video 1" though, only TV/VCR. I tried putting it to VCR and that did nothing. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
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    You can't run it through the vcr, it treats it as if you were to try to copy the dvd and you get no or a bad picture. You need some sort of video in on the tv.
  3. nucl3ar

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    Yes I know I cannot run it through the VCR, but I figured I would try it anyway since nothing else was working.
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    You can run it through the VCR, but it will activate the Macrovision copy protection scheme that is on over 75% of DVDs which makes the picture fade in and out rendering it almost unwatchable. It should work however if you hook it to the VCR and set the VCR to view line in (sometimes given the designation L1 or L2) and then set the TV/VCR switch to VCR so that you are seeing on the TV what is coming from the VCR. There are two devices that can get you around the Macrovision. The first is an RF modulator and this device can take the RCA outs from the DVD player and turn them into a coaxial that you can hook to the TV. This is very direct and these are available at CircuitCity.com and many other places online for $30 or less. The other device is called a video stabilizer and it is put inline between the DVD and the VCR and actually defeats the macrovision. These are available online as well for a little more than $30. I would suggest you do a search at Yahoo! shopping and you should be able to find both of these products.
  5. nucl3ar

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    Yeah, my dad ended up buying a RF modulator and it works fine now. Thanks.
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    If I understand you correctly, then, both the the video stabilzer or the RF modulator would allow you to copy a DVD to a videocassette?
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    I don't know, haven't tried that yet.

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