DVD+R and burning "stuff"

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Discrepancy, Jan 10, 2004.

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    Meh, what do you even put on these types of discs?

    I had a couple of .AVI's, after a very long process I ended up converting them over to MPEGs. Before I bought my computer I figured i'd better pick up some DVD+R discs for... Err... Stuff, I guess.

    And when I tried to burn a VCD in Nero, it says I need CD-R/RW discs.


    What am I supposed to do with these DVD+R discs?
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    You make backups of your data on DVD or use them to make DVDs that play in a DVD player. Why the :ugh:? The CD in VCD stands for CD!
  3. Discrepancy

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    Yes, well, that I gathered.

    I just figured DVD+R discs would be used more for DVD stuff, but I suppose that would involve downloading a 4 gig DVD Screener... Which is yay...

    Unrelated question to anyone who would know:

    My CD/DVD burner seems to work, except for with these old (About a year and a half?) CD-R Memorex discs I have. But the thing is, the burner has actually burnt shit onto these discs, it just doesn't seem to detect them 90% of the time. And it never detects them in Nero (Always says insert a disc, never sees anything in the burner). I haven't burnt anything with Nero or any other program onto a DVD+R or any other kind of disc, but from what I can tell it actually reads those discs.

    Is it just the discs, or is my burner all fucked?

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