E30 M3 gurus... what clutch/gears for getrag 265?

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by boostdemon, Jun 10, 2004.

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    Im putting a Getrag 265 (is that the same as an m50?) in my car and i need to know what the best clutch is that you beemer folk have found to hold well up to 400ftlbs of torque. Also wanted to know if theres a company that makes straight cut gears available in the US that you recommend.

    I cant use the 1 piece tranny that people swap to - strongest bmw tranny (sorry cant remember the name - because i have to use one with a 2 piece tranny/bellhousing
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    Aug 7, 2003
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    if youre looking for a factory clutch, you can use the M5 clutch with a custom flywheel. i believe UUC makes the flywheel required to make that happen. but then again i might be wrong i dont know much about the e30 m3/S14
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    uhh, you'll be more than fine with an OE sachs M3 clutch kit (assuming you're using an s14, which isnt really a torque monster) iirc, even '92 season 2.5 grp A cars built only around 200-215 ft lbs of torque. the stock clutch will hold up to the abuse no problem.

    but by the sound of your post, it looks as if you're swapping in some sort of monster. fwiw, both m20 and m50 tranny's use the same diameter fly/clutch (228 mm), so if that's what you're swinging for, go either for a centerforce dual friction kit, or if you wanna go baller, look at the spec clutches (all the turbo guys run spec clutches). talk to jon caldito on bimmerforums, i think he's a spec dealer.

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