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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by pir8penguin, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. pir8penguin

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    It's only been a month since i did my Helix... it's boring...

    I'm wondering if I can do something a little more interesting, building on the existing peircing. i'd like to do something like a "helix orbital" if that makes sense... take the same existing hole, and do another one that is the diameter of a ring away, and have the ring go through both holes. i'd also like to go up a guage, if possible. any thoughts? Nickos, maybe you have an "expert" opinion on this?

    edit: turns out helix orbital is exactly what it's called...
  2. Phantom Empress

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    yep, it can be done.. I wore one pair of my helixes as an orbital...

    they just have to measure and pierce to the size of the ring you are gonna put inthere.

    Have fun with it... there is a lot you can do. go look in bme.
  3. Nickos

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    yea that would work.. ive done em before


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