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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by victimizati0n, Oct 3, 2008.

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    yeah, so a long ass time ago i was drunk and woke up with an earring.. anywho, i kept it, and tried to change it

    it was fine for a few weeks until it got infected and started bleeding everywhere, took the earring out, and i guess it was a cheap one because it was like a black color instead of the silver color

    so i now have a gold stud in, and its been fine for a few months

    i would like to put a different one in, but im afraid the same thing is going to happen again.. so wat are m options.. or what should i look for in case i am actually allergic to that type of earring?

    also, do you guys have tips for getting that fucking clip thing on the back on, i swear i spent an hour trying to get the fucker on :o
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    I always use the rubber stoppers you find on some earring posts along with the clip thing. I had a few bad experiences with the little clip thing getting the post jammed in it at a funny angle and not being able to get it out. So I throw out all those and just use the rubber stoppers.

    And if you have any doubts, im sure that most people would tell you to go to a piercing shop, as most of the ones I have been to have jewelry safe for your ears.

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