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    EASY to update website - for a noob (template?)

    Try to keep this short...

    -My father is starting a business
    -He is retired so he wants to do this part-time, just to give him something to do....therefore he won't be "big enough" to justify a physical storefront
    -Most of his sales will come from his (yet to be designed) website
    -The product he is going to sell is 100% customized, customer specific, so a traditional "shopping cart" does not make a lot of sense. Although it would be nice as an "idea generator". Pick a product as a starting point and then customize to your desire
    -He knows next to nothing about web design, but would like something that he can update on his own with minimal learning
    -I am "okay" at web design, but my sites have always been for non-commerical applications (content rarely changes and does not include e-commerce). Also, I have always maintained them, so I was limited by MY skills, not someone elses.

    I thought of Yahoo! stores. They are pretty cut and dry and easy to modify. Or maybe osCommerce...

    What I am looking for is a service/host/etc that offer websites that easily modify the content, even if you have to sacrifice flexibility. Maybe database driven so he can just update the info in a database? Or logon onto the host site and modify the raw text in a admin section?

    Any ideas?
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