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Aug 3, 2005
Canberra, Australia
Havent been back on here for a while, but would like some advice/shared experiences on dealing with a family member with eating disorders.

Here is what I've posted on another forum im on

Eating disorders / mental health

Looking for a bit of advice from anyone who has dealt with friends/family dealing with eating disorders.

Partners' sister has been suffering from Annorexia/depression/anxiety for, well 9 years, and has spent the last 3 years in an institute in Brisbane trying to get better, and in the 3 years, pretty much they have acheived nothing, from what we hear some of the medical professionals have been far from professional lately, so we have discharged her from there on the proviso she comes to canberra and lives with us, and have her family around to support her, and change to a good dietician/GP/Psychiatrist etc down here.

She started with an appointment with her GP last week, and has referrals for the Psych, and dietician this week. ... her previous psych has her on 2x anti depressants, 1 anti-psychotic and 26354 meds for her digestion its scary.

Only thing is she's very manipulative, deceitful and tells people what they want to hear. to the point where even we watch her, or keep her busy with her nephew or something for an hour each time after she eats or has her supplements, ... to the point that we've now found out (by her feeling guilty that we are spending all this money looking after her and doing everything we can to get her better) and told us that she's been still secretly purging her food, and probably has lost over 1kg since being here for a week. .... This she says she did because she didnt want her dietician to increase her meal intake this week at her appointment.

We've taken on this responsibility as her parents have been doing it for the last 3 years and its pretty much broken them, but we're at a loss as to what kind of things we can do to motivate her. ... she "says" she wants to beat this, but its apparent that its not totally true. .... She's a really sweet girl, talented opera singer.

Anyone thats been through this or close to someone who has, any ideas/advice would be greatly appreciated!

She's had a feeding tube inserted into her, electroshock therapy as well ... all to no availe

Any insight would be greatly appreciated




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Oct 15, 2002
Damo, there is a Gnostic retreat in Australia coming up in February or March.

Personally I was just at the Maine retreat in August. I am telling you that it is out of this world, it is fantastic. This could be a chance for her to get in touch with herself, to really get a solid chance to learn how to meditate and work on these problems she is having.

The food is fantastic - we only ate real food during the Maine retreat. Very nutritious. The people were so friendly, it is such a sacred and healing environment.

I would recommend that she attends the conference, or the retreat. I can vouch that it cleared my head, it made me reflect on myself and my own problems.

That's what it takes. She has to sit down, learn how to relax, and close her eyes and get to the route of her problems herself. She obviously has terrible problems with vanity - how she appears. And gluttony as well - in a bizarre way. So vanity and gluttony combine to cause her a lot of problems. They specifically teach you how to work on your egos during these retreats, and some of the best instructors in North America can offer her personal and face to face recommendations on how to best deal with her situation.

This is honestly the best advice I have to offer you and it comes from my heart. Best of luck in your situation.

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