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Hello, I am new to this Forum. Here's the details on my car.


I bought my car back in Septemer 1995. After four years of family spirited performance it went throught a rather detailed modifications process. In Australia, it is common here to see 2 Door Lancer Coupe's modified to fit the VR4 turbo motor and join it to the factory gearbox. I wanted something a little stronger, so I invested in a 1998 2G Mitsubishi Eclipse Gs-T engine, gearbox and electronics conversion. The car surprises a lot of people both on the freeway, and in suburban traffic. I still have plans to bring it onto the dragstrips properly after i change the turbo configuration, and it is dynotuned properly. My best time to date is 13.2 on the 1/4 Mile, before i had the large front mount. My last engine mod to be made within the next few months is a smaller exhaust housing to help spool the turbo. At this current moment, I am looking into a replacement front bar which would have to be custom made. The sonata from factory puts out 130hp, it has been rewarding to drive the same car i bought new to it's current state of 340hp. In Australia, their are many imports available directly from Japan new or second hand. It's interesting to see the reactions of some of the best from Japan being beaten by an undercover Sonata =)

Engine Modifications

1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse 4G63T 2.0L 4 Cylinder DOHC Intercooled Turbo Engine/Gearbox/Electronics Conversion with Aftermarket Aluminium Radiator, Davis Craig and Sonata Fans, NGK BPR-7ES V-Groove Spark Plugs, Odyssey 1000 Battery, S&B Air Filter Pod, Custom Large Front Mounted Intercooler, Custom 2 1/4" Intercooler Piping, Hyundai Sonata 70mm Throttle Body, Custom Exhaust Manifold, Custom Polished Exhaust Manifold Cover, Garret "Ballistic Concepts" - M33 T3/4 Hybrid Standard Frame Turbocharger (.5/.78AR), Modified Turbosmart Blow Off Valve Type 3 Supersonic, Custom Enzed Oil Cooler Lines, Turbosmart Dual Boost Controller, Autometer Boost Guage and Air/Fuel Ratio Guage, Greddy Turbo Timer, Apex-i Super-AFC (Air Flow Converter), Bosch Aftermarket High Flow Fuel Pump, Cusco Oil Catch Can, Completely Flanged Exhaust including; Custom 3" Down Pipe, 3" Flex and High Flow Catalytic Converter, Custom 3" Mandrel Bent Piping with Blast 3.5" Muffler, Machined and Lightened Mitsubishi Eclipse Flywheel, Custom 2300lb Pressure Plate, Ralliart Evolution 3 Clutch Disc, Mitsubishi Eclipse Driveshafts, and CV Joints, Hyundai Sonata Discs Front & Rear, Bendix Metal Kings Brake Pads,


Custom Front Coil Over Suspension Including; Koni Shock With Koni Prosport Coil Custom King Spring Coil Over (Front Suspension Allows 110mm Drop From Standard Factory Height) Polyurethane Bump Stops - Rear Suspension Including; Koni Shocks With Modified Spring Base Lip 35mm King Spring Polyurethane Bump Stops.


17 Inch Advanti Racing Mogera Alloys, Dunlop FM901 215*40*17" Tyres,


Modified Hyper-Form 4 Stage Shift Indicator Light, Custom Race Floor Pans, Custom HSV Side skirts, Custom 3 Piece Low-Set Wing, Gold Badging, Mitsubishi Badging, Modified Front Bar


Panasonic Single Cd Player
Alpine MRV T505 V12 Amplifier
Pioneer 12" Sub in Pioneer Box
Alpine 4 1/2" 2 Way Dash Speakers
Polk Audio EX 2560 6 1/2" Component Door/Dash Speakers
Pioneer TAA6950 6*9 Rear Shelf Speakers


Crazy Dave, Charlie, Maria & Brendan of Charlie's Motors, My parents, Crazy Joe and Jimmy, Thomas Toth, Troy Jollimore, Vineet and all of the helpfull people who are interelated with Club DSM who helped me out roughly two years ago all at the beginning. The import scene can be a great way to make friends, even if they are on the other side of the world.

Unfortunately i can't link pictures from my site. So please go look here -


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Mar 15, 2000
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your car is badass!!! :bigthumb:

my only issue would be with the front mount. it is unfortunate that it is so big and obvious. and the stocck bumper does little to conceal it. when looking at i/cs did you ever consider an air-water i/c? other than that, it is a great hybrid :)


Thanks, i use to have a Supra intercooler tucked behind the bar, painted black, and the car looked more stealth for the first two years, but then everyone knew about the car around my area, and so it was time to get something that flowed and cooled a lot better. At a street drag, people still don't know that it's turbocharged when they pull up beside me, but i am looking to get a custom made bar early 2002, at that stage i will take some pics and repost again. Any other 4G63T Hybrid's on this board?
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