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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by hsugh knight, May 20, 2008.

  1. hsugh knight

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    for most of my life i was completely despondent and found escapism in video games, porn, the internet, alcohol, drugs, aimless 'fun', etc.

    it wasn't until this year that i decided to get more proactive with my life and made it my mission to get more involved.

    I joined a soccer league, got an extra job, started to volunteer in my community, met new people, and it has really helped me :hs:

    I never noticed how much I changed until I met up with an old friend. he was rambling on about putting more RAM into his computer and some new kind of electronic coming from Japan to here :hsugh: and whereas before i would've humored him, i couldn't help but feel totally :ugh2:

    here i was having a conversation about fuckin trinkets when over the last couple of months i've met and dealt with people who have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan or done other things and have made complete adventures out of their lives. my over all point is that maybe we should spend less time analyzing life and more time living it.

    over and out.
  2. Paulie Walnuts

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    Could not have said it or agree more. For some of us it just takes a little longer to realize that. I am just starting to get to that point, just scratched the surface.
  3. hsugh knight

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    I think i should catch myself if i ever get overly concerned about what some politician said or whether or not my team lost last night.

    I remember around this time last year i was talking to a guy in the lunch room of my last job who said one of the things he missed most about the military was dancing with his fellow soldiers after coming off the plane after a mission. Everyone got really quiet and stopped chattering about various bullshit like who got eliminated on Survivor or shit like that.

    He said that he had no siblings in his blood family, but over there had brothers and sisters :o :wtc: He said it was the best of times and the worst of times.

    I totally got a lump in my throat and suddenly realized how petty my life was. Even the old guys in the lunch rooms stopped bitching for once about what was written in the newspaper and that guy had the floor.

    it really made me think.

    this song fits my mood right now
  4. Ameter

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    kinda the same as for me, except I also realized I was depressed because I was always focused on what I wanted in my life that I didn't have (ie univ, girlfriend, etc) and my failure to obtain that made me hate myself

    METALLlC BLUE New Member

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    For some people, like yourself -- if you stop focusing on what you don't want, stop resisting and pushing, then the negativity won't persist in your life.

    When you do the things you want, and choose things which bring you joy, and focus specifically on those things far far more often then not they tend to have a high probability of occuring. Even when you don't know how it will happen. That part just doesn't matter. As you aim at a target, the closer the arrow gets the clearer the target becomes.

    Choose to think about those things, and be grateful you can, because that will help move you to where you say you want to go. All other thoughts to the contrary create the opposite, might as well stop wasting time.

    It's good to see you're improving, just remember to be respectful of others for where they are in their own process, else you waste more energy disapproving or judging things which are of no value in creating your own life.
  6. Vysion

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    I need to work on this. Thanks for the pointers. Quality thread. :bigthumb:
  7. iwishyouwerebeer

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    That's the one thing that drives me crazy about people who get depressed (and I was one of them once). When people start to slip more and more into depression all the focus on is the bad thngs in their life, no matter how insignifcant.

    I've literally heard depressed individuals say shit like, "well Jenny dumped me and then this morning the snack machine ate my dollar!" It makes me :rofl: Because instead of ever trying to think positive they act as if the world is out to get them. It was when I started appreciating the positives in my life and what it could be that I slipped out of the depression.

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