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Hi guys. For my celebration thread, and for the upcoming holiday season, I've decided to share with you some ways I make money online, no affiliate links, no bullshit. These are simple straight-forward methods that I use to generate quick cash in order to fund my PPC campaigns. All these methods are highly guarded and usually cost 50-100 bucks each. I've decided to share them with you for free since OT has provided me with many lulz and entertainment over the years.


For all of you who are having trouble finding success... you really need to watch this video. Afanasi posted this on page 69 and it literally blew my mind.

Even if you don't do any of the methods I share with you, just watch this video.


I realize some of you might consider these methods unethical, so if you want to know the difference between blackhat (what most of these techniques are) and whitehat marketing, read the following. Otherwise just skip to Method 1 below.

there's two sides to marketing, blackhat and whitehat. Lots of people think blackhat is spamming, sending viruses and shit like that. But that's not it at all.

Blackhat is certainly unethical in the eyes of the people that pay you (CPA networks, affiliate companies) but in the eyes of the average person, it's simply an annoyance. Most of the time people won't even notice that something is going on. Cookie stuffing for example, I could cookie stuff OT and get paid everytime an OTer buys something on ebay/amazon for example. You wouldn't know, and it's not like it costs you anything.

Then theres whitehat. Whitehat is the good marketing, where you help a group of people find something to buy. So you funnel traffic looking for an MP3 player to a site that offers MP3 players at a great price.

Whitehat costs money to start up, and takes a while to see a profit, but its excellent long term income. Blackhat is excellent because you see profit quickly, and it costs almost nothing to start up. But theres almost no longterm income.

So, all the big boys use blackhat methods to fund their whitehat methods. Not a single "guru" out there hasn't used blackhat at some point to help with funding, and it's made them millions.


METHOD 1: Pay Per Lead (CPA)


Payout: $150+/day

Step 1:

First you need to sign up to a CPA network. The one I am currently using is MaxBounty.

When they ask you for website info, you can put in anything you want.

They have a wide range of offers to promote which will cater for different interests. They payout on time and its not hard to get in the Network no forms need to be faxed in. I recommend that you leave your MSN/Yahoo/AIM you will get approved within a few days if you do. Plus If there is downtime on the site you get compensated!

Other Affiliate Networks

- – Commission Junction
- – Clix Galore
- – Azoogle

*Caution about ClixGalore - a lot of people are saying they're scamming them out of commissions. Use at your own risk.

Step 2:

The next step is to make a brief list of the CPA offers your going to promote. This is a rather crucial step. This determines our work load and we need to select what we want to promote before we can think about anything else. Because when you run any campaign of anysort you need to be organized and do it Systematically.

I assumed you have signed up with MaxBounty. What we are going to do is log in and select the “Search Merchant” Tab. You will be presented with a list of offers. From this list we want to filter through and select which ones we would like to promote.

I recommend things such as

- Education
- Free Items
- Contests for Lucrative Things
- Niche Related Items (Poker,Niche Related Ringtones,)

These often convert well. Its easy to write short articles about them aswell.

So you scroll down and review an offer that looks good. Then we use certain factors if we should promote or not.

- $x/Lead – Nothing Below $1/lead
- Rate Description – Dont Bother With 2page Forms , Credit card needed ect.
- Expiry Date. Make sure that No Expiry is set in sight.


I can see that PurePlay have got a good incentive offer. (Free Seat at Poker Championship). Its within a good niche Gambling/Poker Players. Its paying out $2.05/lead and best of all all they want is a Email. No long forms or nothing.

So if we write a short mini report and expose all the methods I use and we earn a figure of say 10’000 downloads. (VERY VERY doable) in a month and 75% of people click the link then 50% enter there email (remember thats all they need to enter) Want to take a guess at how much we’ve earned?


Amazing, huh? Even if we scale it down and say we get 500 downloads (which I predict you can do in 2-3 days. At MAX) and 75% read the report and %50 enter there email you have still earned a whopping $384.36

For the rest of the report I am going to use PurePlay as an example. Although I recommend you make a list of a wider range of CPA offers to promote.

Step 3:

Now we have to create our Mini Report. You should Create 2 reports in this case. 1 Promoting the “Poker World Championships” and another Giving a few tips about poker. Then a short article about the world championships and your CPA link.

So first things first we need to do some research on the Poker World Championships.

Jot down some things that you could include into your article. Such As

-Date Founded
-List of Winners
-News On The 2007/2008 World Championships
-Background Info On Poker
-Poker Realated Material ect.

Now you could include a Aff Link to a poker guide if you wished. But I really focus on CPA methods. Because in reality which is going to convert better. A $97 product on poker or a chance to go to the world championships and all you need to do is enter your email.?

Then Jot down Things you could Include in your Article About poker

-Poker Tips
-Poker History
-Well Known Poker Events
-Diffrent Poker Games

Once you have done this. Or Outsourced this work You have 2 Ready articles/pdf’s to Promote (P.S Make SURE you cloak your Link. Even Cloaking it using is better than nothing ! ).

Step 4:

Now we can begin promotion. This is my favourite phase and the phase that really rakes us in the cash. Obviously first things first we will start submitting to article directories. Such as

-Ezine Articles
-Go Articles
-Fast Articles
-I Snare

Just Type in Article directory into google and 1000’s of sites will come up. I suggest that you submit to the top 10. Even if we get 10 views each a day from each site thats already 100 views a day generated. A 5th to our target of 500 to earn $380+

Now we are going to switch off to Press Release sites. I suggest you only submit your piece about the Poker World Championships to these sites. You could Use paid or free services.

Obviously paid services will get you futher. But you may want to use free services and then reinvest the money made to expand into paid services.

HotTip : Use Scribd.

Scribd is a website where you can upload your documents. Its easy to get on the first set of results for a specific keyword.

Also there is an option to convert your PDF/Article to Audio which you could distribute around aswell.

Step 5:


Forums are a hot center for people that share the interest. A Quick google search of Poker Forum brings up 1,330,000 Results. Imagine the type of traffic the top 3-5 forums get. I would sign up each of the forums and post a link to both of my articles. It maybe taken down due to spamming. So the alternative is to put it into your signature then make a few posts here and there.

Or You could suggest that the forum open up an article section and you could post your articles there.

The possibilities are really endless.

Of course if you know a little bit about poker you could contribute to the forums then post your links. And put them in your signature but this is slightly harder for people that know nothing about it. (i.e Me lol)


I’ve been raving on about this method for years now. Everybody thought it was new when a few crackpots brung it mainstream but Ive been using this for a fair while now.

The idea is that we convert our PDFs into torrent files. A tutorial can be found here

Torrent Freak Guide

Then we upload to all the torrent sites such as

-Mini Nova

A Hot trick is to find out names of popular poker ebooks and use that as your Torrent Title. Then include a section about that ebook and your Aff Link for that ebook.

Software Promotion

This is a Hot Method right here. We are going to promote via shareware and freeware sites. Theres millions out there. Each of them can bring a good view 100 downloads a month.

There is software to make this process every simple.

Daolnwod Software Submitter

Recommended : PromoSoft

Neither are Affiliate links. Daolnwod is free PromoSoft is $97.

Blog Comments

You could find 100’s of poker related blogs. You could either comment on the blog or your could email the blog owner and ask him if he/she would like to use your content on there blog.

People are always looking for fresh content and if your articles where well written,well punctuated. I don’t see why someone would refuse free orginal content to use on there site.

If not you could pay them a measly fee. This could really attract them. Something like $15. But it could reap back the benefits because you would only need 8 sign ups from that blog to make your cash back.


METHOD 2: Outsourcing


Payout: $1000+/week

Ok this is a very cool method that doesn’t take much time or effort on your behalf and can be very profitable when you put it to work.

This is a relatively simple method that involves outsourcing. Now that might not make sense to you because you are thinking how am I supposed to make money if I am paying people to outsource things for me. Well just hang tight because I am about to show you.

First we need to discuss outsourcing. What is it and how do we do it?

Outsourcing is the process of hiring someone else to complete a task for you because you either don’t have the time or you don’t have the required skills to complete the task. So you pay someone else to do it for you.

Many successful people outsource time consuming tasks because it allows them to become more efficient and makes them more money in the long run.

Most people start off small but when they make enough money to outsource they can almost literally put their entire business on autopilot which allows them to expand their business and become huge.

People have teams who work for them, that is all outsourcing is. A boss at a company outsources task to his employees to expand the business. It’s the same online, just because you work from home doesn’t mean you have to work alone.

Luckily enough almost anything can be outsourced, when done correctly you can have a group of skilled people running your business while you sit back and watch the money roll in. You can literally outsource entire websites and products.

I know I am talking big here but it is very achievable. Can you imagine just outsourcing a new product every week or month and making thousands of dollars from that product each and every single time?

You personally would hardly need to do any work just moderate everything, make sure it’s all running smoothly. That’s how real businesses are built, that’s how you step up to the next level. Time is precious, especially online.

Imagine if you could create a product for every idea that you came up with. Imagine if you could have a website built for every idea you had. What is holding you back at the moment? Time. It takes too long to create a product for every idea you have. It takes too long to build a site, set up
everything, drive traffic, promote it and handle support issues etc. etc.
With outsourcing this can become possible. There are thousands of people who are willing to do all those little tasks you hate to do.

Now you may not want to outsource the entire project, you may like to have some control over it as I know I like to create my own products and I also like to write my own sales pages. But if you don’t like to do those things well you can get them outsourced.

Setting up your affiliate program might be a pain in the butt for you so get it outsourced. There are many little tasks you can get outsourced for a low cost.

For example traffic generation can become outsourced. You might pay people to post on numerous forums for you and post on blogs for you.

That is a very time consuming task so why not pay someone to post on forums and on blogs for you. Saves you time and will make you money because they will be driving targeted traffic to your

This makes it easier for you to quickly build more websites and create more products because you will be making more money faster than if you had to do everything by yourself.

So hopefully you can now see the tremendous benefit of outsourcing and how it can allow you to make more money faster.

Getting The Job Done

But let’s talk about how you can outsource. Now there are a few big websites where you can go to and find someone to complete a task for you. These sites work by allowing you to create a listing of your project and freelancers come and “bid” on your project and you then chose who you want to work with.

So for example let’s say you want to hire somebody to write you 10 articles. What you would do is create a listing that describes what you want done.

So you would say I am looking for someone to write me 10 500 – 700 word articles on the subject of golfing. Then people will offer their services for a fee. So people might come to you and say I’ll write those articles for $50.

If you agree then you two can work out the specifics and you are going to get 10 articles. Now it is important to be very specific in your description, don’t be vague and leave it up to the freelancer.

Tell them exactly what you want. So if you want 10 articles on golf you might want 2 on driving, 2 on putting, 2 on the club, 2 on the ball, 2 on the courses.

Be specific on what you want done, tell them how you want them written. It is important to make sure they understand exactly what you want done.

Also when you are getting offers you must check out their previous work, ask for samples and see if they have any feedback or reviews.

You want to find a quality freelancer. So to ensure you have one make sure you see their work and are satisfied with it before you pay them.

Now take a look below at some of the sites you can find freelance workers:

Those are the main websites where you can outsource your projects to but here are a few more places you will be able to find good freelancers:

Here are some important tips to remember when you are outsourcing your projects:

1. Consider each freelancer as if you are hiring them as a full time employee
When you’re looking for a freelancer to work with you don’t be afraid to ask questions. You need to find out the quality of their work and the quality of the person you are dealing with. Check their references and ask for feedback from other people who have hired them before.
If you have any doubts or concerns bring them up and talk with the freelancer. This is your business we are talking about you need to demand the highest quality.

2. Don’t choose a freelancer purely based on price
What you don’t want to do is hire someone who is really cheap but then turns out to deliver a crappy service. Yes you can pick up some great bargains but you are looking for quality. Poor quality will hurt your business and your reputation.

3. Hire somebody with experience
You don’t want to hire someone who is doing this for the first time. Let them test out their skills on someone else. You want someone who knows what they are doing and has a proven track record of providing a quality service.

4. Clearly describe your project

Make sure you clearly explain exactly what it is you want done. The best way to do this I find is to create a screen capture video of you actually doing the task you want them to do. That way they know exactly what you want done and how to do it. They are not assuming and taking a risk and you are going to get it done right the first time.

5. Review samples and previous work
Always ask to see samples of their previous work. Look at reviews and feedback the freelancer has received and follow up with people who have used their service before and ask how the whole experience was. Find out as much as you can about the person before you hire them for the project.

The Other Side Of The Coin

Ok now outsourcing can work both ways. If you are talented at a particular thing you might notice people are willing to pay big dollars for something you can easily do.

This can be a great little extra stream of income. I know a lot of people are very good at writing articles. Personally I hate it, I’m not really bad at it I just find it frustrating and annoying and I hate writing 20 articles on a particular topic.

So I would gladly pay someone to write me up 20 articles instead of doing it myself because it is just one of those things that I hate doing. I am sure there are many people like me that you could offer your article writing services to. In fact feel free to email me with an article writing offer ;)

Below are some other great places people go when they are looking for an article writer so you should check these out:

You will find many people there looking for people to write their articles, they usually want them right away so if you are good at writing it can be a great opportunity to make some quick cash. This can be a very good strategy if you write enough articles. You can charge about $15-$20 per article if you are just starting out.

A key aspect is to demonstrate your excellent English and write a personal note to the person offering the job showing some quality samples of your work.

Let’s just have some fun with a bit of maths for a minute. Let’s say you make $20 per article and it takes you an hour to write an article.

You would need to write 5 articles a day to earn $100 a day and therefore $700 a week. Which would be 5 hours work a day.

Not too bad and if you are really good you may be able to write an article in less than an hour so you will be able to make even more money.

How You Can Make $1000 A Week With Outsourcing

Ok so here is where it gets good. As you can see from reading above the potential to make a lot of money with outsourcing is large.

But I like to simplify things, I really like methods that don’t take much work. Things that only require an hour or so each time I do it and then I can just forget about it and let the money come in. This little method I am going to share with you can have huge profit potential if you take it seriously and take the time to do things right.

The best thing is that you can set this up to be recurring income. Like most of the methods I implement it only takes a little initial work at the start but after that the money just rolls in on a consistent basis.

Let me explain how this method works right now. You see if you have checked out the freelance sites that are mentioned above you will be familiar with how the interface of each site works. You will also probably would of done a few searches to see what type of projects are being posted.

Here is where you can start making a lot of money. There are heaps of different jobs posted everyday across all of the sites, just image if you could get paid for doing them all.

Now obviously it is going to be extremely difficult for you to complete all of the projects, even numerous projects at the same time is going to be difficult. So what can you do? You can outsource the outsourcing.

It’s like having a professional team working for you and all you do is find highly paid projects and pass them onto your team to complete.

This is where the initial work comes into play, you need to actually find reliable workers that will do the projects for you and will do a quality job.

But when you have a group of quality people there is no need to go out and look for other people every time you get a new job you just forward onto them.

Ok so let me try and make this a bit more clearer for you in case it is getting a little confusing. You go to for example and you search for other people’s projects.

Now it is best to look for writing projects as you don’t really need to be an expert or have any special skills to write and article. Even if you have no idea about the topic it is pretty easy to research and come up with a good article. So stick to simple task that don’t require any real expertise.

So you are at and you find a guy who is requesting 10 articles. So you bid on his project and win so he will pay you $150 for the 10 articles. What you would then do is turn around and outsource those articles.

So you are doing none of the work but will make a profit from the job. Let’s say you find a cheap quality writer (I’ll show you how to find quality writers cheaply in a moment) that will do the job at $5 per article which will cost you $50.

So he writes the 10 articles for you and you pay him the $50 and then you go back to the original guy and send him the 10 articles and he pays you $150 which is a total profit of $100 for you.

Make sure you proofread them before you send them off just to make sure everything is all good, even edit them slightly if they need it.

So in that example you can make a quick $100. But what we really want to do is ramp that up make the whole thing automatic. What you need to do is get yourself a good quality team of writers that you can trust and can forward projects to anytime.

That way it takes less time to get things done, you don’t have to worry about finding new writers every time you accept a project.

It is actually better to have someone ready to complete the task before you accept a project because they might have strict time requirements and if it takes you a while to find a good writer who will do the job you might not have the articles ready in time.

The initial work that you do is building your team, you can have a solid team after only completing a few projects. You want to make sure you let them know that you will have more projects for them on a consistent basis and they should give you highest priority.

Hiring Quality Writers Cheaply

Here is the best way to find good quality cheap writers to complete your projects. When you are creating a project in the headline state that you are looking for new writers only.

New writers are just trying to make a name for themselves so they can’t charge high prices but you can give them excellent reviews which will help them in their writing career. You also want to make sure they have excellent English, you may even want to hire people who are only English speaking but that is up to you.

So what you would do is create a listing saying that you are just looking for new writers who have excellent English skills to write X amount of articles.

Say you are only prepared to pay $3 -$5 per article but you will leave them excellent feedback and reviews for their services. A lot of new writers will flock to your project as they will see it as a good opportunity to increase their reputation.

Remember if they are good and you like their work tell them you want them on your team and you will have future projects for them.

Now it’s time to make this even more automatic and more profitable. When searching for projects try and find ones that are looking for a long term service. This is how you make your recurring income.

Find people who are looking to have 10 articles written each week, or 50 articles a month. These are the type of projects you want because you are getting ongoing work without looking for it. No need to search for new projects and new writers, because you have your team already built and ready to go.

So when you take on a recurring project they might tell you, ok send me 10 articles every Friday and I’ll pay you $100. That’s $100 recurring income, all you need to do is tell your team they need to write 10 articles a week. You sit back and watch the money come in.

If you want to make even more money, which I’m sure you do what you need to do is search for the more expensive projects. If you can find an expensive recurring projects you are going to be in the money.

You might find someone who is willing to pay you $500 each week if you can get him 50 articles. That’s $500 recurring income for you without having to write 50 articles each week. All you need to do is multiply your efforts. Take on more than one project. You might have one that
pays you $500 a week another that pays you $100 a week then you might go out and take on two more that pay you $200 a week.

That right there is $1000 a week for just 5 projects which is child’s play. Can you see how easy this is to set up and how profitable and automatic it can become?

The most time consuming part is starting, all you need to do is get out there and find a good group of writers that will work for you cheaply.

Use the tactic I mentioned above to find these types of writers. Once you have a good group of people working for you that is when you can really ramp up your efforts and take on more projects.

Important Tips To Remember

Here are a few little important things you need to remember when applying this method:

• Make sure you clearly explain what you need done and how it should be done. You don’t want to be provide poor quality content or you won’t get paid. So make sure you explain fully to your workers what they need to do

• Make sure to get samples and read reviews of your potential writers. If they have testimonials contact them people and ask what they think of the writer in question.

• Use PayPal as a payment method because you get your money instantly and no waiting around.

• Keep good quality writers on your team and let them know if they keep providing good quality you will use them long term

• Make sure you say that you own the copyright to the work they are completing. You will later pass this on to the person who hired you but make sure the author doesn’t think they own the copyright.

• Look for recurring projects that will pay you on an ongoing basis, you make more money this way.

This method is relatively simple and easy to setup so I suggest that you actually take action and try it. You have nothing to lose. It doesn’t cost you a thing to do, so take advantage of this easy and extremely profitable method of making some serious cash.


I hope you guys put these methods to good use, and generate some extra Christmas cash. Shit, you could even make a living from this if you do enough.

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You're an asshole man, people don't need to know all of these. You're going to saturate some of the better markets.


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You're an asshole man, people don't need to know all of these. You're going to saturate some of the better markets.

no he's not. 99% of the people that see this thread are gonna be all like "OMG FREE MONIES!" but then when they're surfing for stuff to do they'll get sidetracked and say "fuck it" never to return to it again


You're an asshole man, people don't need to know all of these. You're going to saturate some of the better markets.

:rofl: no chance. Even if everyone on OT tried at least one method, we'd only be scratching the surface. Keep in mind that most people that read this stuff won't even try it.


no he's not. 99% of the people that see this thread are gonna be all like "OMG FREE MONIES!" but then when they're surfing for stuff to do they'll get sidetracked and say "fuck it" never to return to it again


This is for the ones that are serious about it.


PS, this is a celebration thread. Feel free to post anythign you want dammit, just keep this thread bumped :)


Is this something you do on the side and are you offering support for dummys :)

I'll try to help any way I can and answer any questions you guys have. This isn't rocket science though, if you actually try any of these methods you can probably figure everything out yourself.
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