GUN EDU: Quick Way To Strip Bluing (pistol)

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    What You Need:
    The Works (Toilet Bowl Cleaner) - Prefurably "The Works"
    Gloves....(rubber dish washing gloves do fine)
    .400 Steel Wool...
    a glass or something like bowl big enough for slide and frame to fit
    A Sink.

    1. Strip Parts - Full take down
    2. Probably Start With Frame or Slide
    3. fill glass bowl or baking dish about 1/2 inch high with toilet bowl cleaner
    4. dip one part at a time, let sit 20 seconds (if using The Works) 5 min if other
    4.5 continue with smaller parts, all the parts you no longer want blue, or are going to reblue
    5. clean with steel wool, if part not done yet, put back in, let sit, then steel wool again.
    6. wash parts in sink, towel dry - Or - start the bluing process and put the pistol back together.

    IF YOUR NOT GOING TO BLUE RIGHT AWAY - Soak with gun oil and maintain.. you dont wanna rust it

    The works worked wonders for me, it was like instant, but it did give off some strong fumes when working. I ran out of it before i was done and had to revert to walgreens brand stuff and it took 5 min to sit then polish.

    This idea was suggested to me by a licenced gunsmith.

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