EDU: Top 11 Mistakes OTers make


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Jun 9, 2003
Was supposed to be 10, but apparently I can't count.

#11 Posting cookie cutter replies

Whether it be a bateman.ethug or bearfantasy.txt they aren't funny after the first time you see them. (unless it's some new take on it, like savage preforming bearfantasy.txt on video) More importantly it says of the person posting them: "I have nothing original, funny, or insightful to say"


#10 Not posting visuals

Men by nature are visual creatures. As such, since most of OT is 95% men, pictures in your thread can make the difference between a successful thread and an ultimate failure. Whether its your girlfriend, a new car, or trip you took. If there are pictures you can post to enhance the experience, for god's sake man post them!

#9 Not posting cliffs

We don't browse OT to read through volumes of content that make up your story interesting and complex. Most of us are glancing through threads while doing other, more important things. We want the meaning, the moral, or the funny condensed down to one or two sentences. After reading that we can decide whether we want to wade through your paragraphs of bullshit to get a better picture.

#8 Posting serious matters in Offtopic and expecting serious replies

Say it with me now, "Off topic" it's not just a clever name. What makes this board great is the cynical, clever, hilarious, stupid, replies that flood each thread. That's why there are subforums, go ask your legitimate questions there if you only want legitimate answers. It goes without saying that their are exceptions. sick/dying/disabled family or friends and other matters should be taken seriously, though I still don't understand why that gets posted in the main forum to begin with.

And yes I understand the irony of starting off a serious list with this "mistake" but this is for the betterment of OT. And besides, I don't really expect a lot of serious responses to the thread. :mamoru:

#7 Not buying an sub/AV (and wondering why that should matter)

If you have lurked for over a year or have over 1000 posts, its obvious that there is value in this forum to you. It has a good mix of Info, humor, and community. By spending so much time here, you have recognized that fact. So why don't you kick a few bucks to fazle to support what he is doing and the time and money it costs to maintain the board. It honsestly shouldn't matter how ballin, or not fazle is off this site.

Or don't. :dunno: But don't act all surprised and pussy hurt when your AVless threads/replies go unnoticed, or all you get is clever "by an AV" responses, because that's how WE make sure the board stays supported.

#6 Expecting fairness

I am probably most guilty of this. The saying goes "Life isn't fair" well OT is 100x less fair than life. Yes, your interesting thread will get moved to some obscure subforum while the OMFGainsville thread that a total of 5 OTers care about stays on the front page. Yes, Glen will ban you because he doesn't like you. Yes, threads about your favorite candidate will get locked while other candidates threads are allowed to continue. That's just OT. Bringing up all these inequalities doesn't make you righteous, it makes you a whiny bitch.

#5 Posting incredible stories without proof

As a general rule, if we can't imagine it happening to us, we can't imagine that it happened to you. So just remember, before you post about your 100k+ car, supermodel gf, or ridiculous series of events, make sure you have definitive proof. Otherwise, you are just another liar on OT.

#4 Reposting

Yes I know you don't have a sub or are probably too lazy to search, but here is a general rule of thumb: If you heard about it from your aim buddy, it's already been posted. If it has more than 10,000 views, it's already been posted. If it was posted more than 1-2 days ago it's already been posted. And if it *breaking news* unless a bulletin is coming as you make the post, or you have the information before the media, it's already been posted.

#3 Bad Fellowship

Every now and then, a good, respectable, contributing member of OT gets his public life fucked over by vindictive little bastards who have nothing better to do then bring misery to the undeserving (most likely because their own lives are shitty). Recent examples: Sending pictures of OTer fucking some girl (that he posted for the enjoyment of OT years ago) to his new fiancee and her family. Calling OT'ers boss and telling him stuff that was posted by his employee. Posting personal information because an OTer was to naive to close his picture directory, or use a different handle here. The people who carry out these acts deserve to be in the innermost circle of hell.
NOTE: this is all null and void in the case that the persecuted is guilty of rule #2

#2 Being a braggart, hypocrite, on general douchebag on OT.

This is why god gave us Tender Branson. We all have skeletons in our online closet (you might be fat, hideously ugly, dated ugly girls, have a terribly funny first name, ect...) and most of us are willing to to let sleeping dogs lie. But if you make thread after thread of bragging, putting down others, or douchebaggery, the TB's of this board will make you regret it.

#1 OP leg humping

This is by far the worst. Only on offtopic can incredibly average women post the most erroneous bullshit, and elicit a 50 page thread. If it were a dude posting the same topic, it wouldn't even get 5 replies. I guarantee that the guys who post a bunch in these threads don't have much RP success because they don't understand the #1 rule of women. They will do anything for attention, but once they have yours, they won't do anything else they don't have to do.

Cliffs: Just read what's in bold

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Mar 12, 2004
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Very true. Especially #1.

PC Principle

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Mar 12, 2004
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Sticky this shit.


this should be mandatory for every new OTer to read......but personally i think the subs should have been closed years ago

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Aug 4, 2001
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this should be mandatory for every new OTer to read......but personally i think the subs should have been closed years ago

Do you have any idea how much it costs to keep a site like OT running?


Jul 26, 2005
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:werd: half the shit you posted is more than annoying. Every thread is filled with the same "ban" bullshit. fucking getting boring

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