GUN Educate me on FFL transfers so I don't sound like a tard trying to arange one

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Grouch, Apr 29, 2007.

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    I've been seeing good prices on pistols online thought gunbroker and private sales but I know in CA you need to transfer the gun to an FFL for the transaction. How do I go about aranging this process? Do I just call up a gun shop and ask them do to the tansaction? What is involved in the process? :hs:
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    I think its best to personally go into the FFL you want to transfer the gun through and ask if they do transfers and if so how much they charge. Most dealers around here do a flat fee around $40 or 10%. If they do transfers and are willing to do one for you tell them where you are buying from, since they may already have sent a copy of their FFL to them, if not give them the fax number of where you are buying from (if they accept faxed FFL copies,) and your phone number. Then call the place you want to order from, make sure they received the copy and place your order.
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    Look for one that is inexpensive, usually around $15 or $20 in most cases. Sometimes they will try and charge you a percentage of the item your transfering. You can tell those ones to fuck off and find another.

    You can use this:

    After you find one that will transfer for a reasonable fee, have them fax or mail in their FFL to the place you are ordering from and you should be set. What I've done in the past is gone down to my FFL and given them a check and order form for the rifle and they put it in an envelope with their FfL so everything arrived at the same time. You can do it how ever you want though, its pretty simple.

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