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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by el Dano, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. el Dano

    el Dano Guest

    so this is the start of my log.
    as of now im 5'8 233 (pathetic i know) and i have been lifting for about 2 months now daily.
    i need to figure out a better routine. and also i need to remember all the names of the machines i use.

    on shoulders/back days:
    curling 3x10
    up rights 3x10
    "shoulder machine" 3x10 (80lbs)
    then 4 other machines 3x10 (2 45 lbs plates on each side)
    end with the crunch machine 3x10 (70lbs)
    and end with 15 minutes of cardio on the eliptical.

    chest days
    benching 3x10 (45lbs 25lbs each side)
    incline 3x10 ( 50 pounds each side)
    then 5 other "chest machines"
    crunch machine 3x10 (70lbs)
    15 minutes of cardio on eliptical.

    "i'll edit tomorrow after i get back from the gym with the actual names"
  2. Guitar_fool

    Guitar_fool Guest

    you might wanna do cardio first as like warm up thing first and make it like 15-20 min. also get some off days in there. you acutually start putting on girth from working out day in annd day out. lastly get some leg days in there a strong lower body from abs done can help you lift heavier with upper body lifts.

    GL :bigok:
  3. el Dano

    el Dano Guest

    thanks, yea i do one leg day a week ( i hate doing legs) and i just recently switched cardio from first to last. and yea i know its bad to work out everyday but im kind of obessed at the moment.
  4. el Dano

    el Dano Guest

    so today im at 228lbs
    did the following:
    standard iso delts 3x10 90lbs
    curl 3x10 95lbs
    up right rows 3x10 120lbs
    DB row decline 3x10 45lb DB's
    DB shrugs 3x10 70lb DB's
    seated high row 3x10 190lbs
    seated row 3x10 190lbs
    dec shoulder press 3x10 190lbs
    crunch machine 3x10 70lbs

    that was my work out for today.
    before going to the gym i eat 2 pieces of wheat bread, and took my lipo6 supps. for lunch i had 1 1/2 chicken breast's with 2 cups brocc.
    and cheated later on and had two pieces of feta chese and spinich pizza.
  5. Huge Evil Robot

    Huge Evil Robot Must not sleep, must warn others

    Dec 17, 2003
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    arlington, va
    that is a shit- ton of volume. I also dont see anything remotely compound other than benchpress. no squats and no dl's = no base
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