Elon Musk Trying To Back Out of Twitter Deal


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Sep 21, 2003
the argument around 50 minutes is kind of big and really being glossed over by the twitter files guys.

destiny is right that the gov't had been talking about the threat of russian disinformation for 5+ years at that point. connecting the dots and making the assumption that the FBI meeting with twitter/fb was specifically about the hunter biden story and they knew it was credible is kind of silly.

and he's also right, fox & other outlets wouldn't run the story because they didn't have time to verify it before the election. so the idea that the NYP did so is def wrong.
I really don’t need to watch 2 hours of this to realize the “journalists” were handpicked by Elon because they have no credibility


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Sep 21, 2003
Sorry if it takes you 50 tweets to say something and it’s still not clear what the “crime” was then you don’t have a story

I don’t care how unorganized or bias Twitter is, they have no requirement to be neutral even under Elon. It’s just comical to see him advocate free speech and go a complete 180 on that stance

Unless someone wants to suggest they had a monopoly on internet discussions


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Feb 5, 2005
Or he wants more tax incentives to move more staff over. If he just does it without incentives, that’s just wasting money.
possibly but i think its more likely that he made a rash decision without considering all the consequences - like talented people having no desire to move to texas
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