ART Email I got v. Canon Crew

Lol McRofles

OT Supporter
Feb 25, 2005
This was in my inbox this morning, hope it helps someone.


Dear Scott ,
Thank you for using Canon products.
It has been confirmed that counterfeit Canon lithium-ion batteries and chargers for Canon digital cameras and digital video camcorders are in circulation. In addition, it has been reported that counterfeit batteries have been considered the cause of some battery ruptures.
In many cases, counterfeit batteries and chargers are not equipped with protective devices required to meet international quality standards. Therefore, when these batteries or chargers are used or charged, they can cause abnormal heat or leakage, ignition, rupture and other malfunctions in the batteries, chargers, and digital cameras and video camcorders. There is concern that, in the worst case, not only could digital cameras and digital video camcorders be damaged, but fire, burns, blindness and other severe accidents could occur. Thus, to ensure customer safety, we urge our customers not to use counterfeit devices.
Please be advised that Canon is not responsible, and will not be liable, for any malfunctions, damages or injuries caused by non-Canon genuine lithium-ion batteries and/or battery chargers including, without limitation, counterfeit devices.
Recently, both in Japan and overseas, counterfeits of Canon's genuine lithium-ion battery packs and chargers have been frequently offered for sale on the Internet. Accordingly, please use caution when purchasing Canon lithium-ion battery packs and chargers on the Internet to ensure that they are genuine Canon brand.
Canon's genuine lithium-ion batteries have security labels on their packaging that identify them as genuine Canon products. When purchasing battery packs, please refer to this information. (See the following image for the labels.)

For questions about "Counterfeit" products, please contact us at the following:

Call Center
1-800-828-4040 (toll free)
8:00 a.m. - Midnight, EST - Monday to Friday
10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. EST - Saturday
Email: [email protected]


Canon U.S.A., Inc.


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Jun 19, 2004
Greenville, SC
thats why i never bought knock off batteries when i got my 40d. i did when i had my 300d. got a 2 pack, one of them failed within weeks and the other one started dieing soon there after. I did notice the camera felt warm with them (either that or it was the weather lol)
Lol McRofles

Lol McRofles

OT Supporter
Feb 25, 2005
I need another batter to occupy my grip, but I plan on buying from B+H, doubt they would deal with fakes. But you never know :dunno:

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