Engine and Possible Alternator probs

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Kenji-Boi, Sep 2, 2003.

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    Okay so a few months ago I drove through some serious puddles (not by choice) and my engine died. I tried starting the car and it wouldnt start. it would turn over etc. but still wouldnt start. So after waiting like 20 minutes so it would dry, I started the car again and it started running but there was this really bad knocking noise. I was due for an oil change but I went to get one right after I started my car. After I change the oil the engine was still knocking. My first assumtion was that it was the lifters that maybe they were not oiled thoroughly. Then I thought maybe (somehow) that water or maybe a little dirt got in the head or something so I put some marvel mystery oil in the engine and put some in a bottle and sprayed it in the intake manifold to clean it out. I thought maybe some water got in the engine so i drained the oil and put some slightly thicker oil in. The engine was still knocking and I was getting pissed. I was told by a Honda tech that it might be either 2 things.

    1. the bearings are possible rusted/broke or something like that and need to be replaced.


    2. I have a bent rod and thats why its knocking.

    I also had an older battery in that car and after awhile there was no power in the car. So I bought a brand new battery like maybe a week and half ago and now its completely dead again. i think it may be the alternator but im not sure.

    Any feedback is really appreciated. thanks.

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