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    On May 15/16 I was fortunate enough to be enrolled in Ernest Langdon's Tactical Pistol Course ( ). Ernest who is a combat Marine Vet, previously worked for Beretta and now works for SiGARMS as an instructor. I highly recommend anyone to take his course if you have a chance. He has a way of teaching that put him high above any other instructor (not just pistols) for the ability to teach and communicate with the students.

    Topics included in the training:

    Trigger control
    Trigger Reset
    1 sec, 1/2 sec, 1/4 sec shooting techniques
    Target aquisition
    Movement while firing
    Level 1, 2, 3 malfunction clearing techniques
    Defensive posturing
    Use of a handgun and concealment clothing
    Theory of Cover and Concealment props
    Proper use of Cover and Concealment props for target engagement
    and many more.....

    Ernest looking over my use of cover

    Breaking out the timer

    Class shot
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