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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Spiritus, Apr 13, 2007.

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    What can I do here... my mom's computer is on windows 98, and her system.ini file is frigged up.

    So basically I am sitting at DOS prompt. I messed around looking through the directories and stuff, but am I wondering if I have to do a full reinstall or can I just download the system.ini file and stick that in some directory to fix it...

    I am assuming that ini file has the system settings on it. Does this call for a full reinstall?

    If this is so... how do I go about uninstalling Windows 98 without a system.ini file? :noes: I cannot just reinstall right over it, there is not enough memory :(

    This isn't fun. Two out of Three computer in the house without internet means they have to come on my private personal computer to check their email.

    Not to mention their boredom and bitching. Help :hsd:
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    Waht do you mean there isn't enough memory to re-install it? You mean hard drive space?

    Rename to and re-install Windows. It will keep all of your settings.

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