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    I felt inspired and wrote this today. I was hoping to post this in a subforum for criticism and whatnot but since there is no such place I'm posting it here. If you want to critique it, pointers, honest opinion...I would really appreciate it - positive or negative. If not, and you just want to read it and not try to poke around for errors, that's awesome too.

    In the year 2009 our decade is yet to be defined by its own special quirk. Today’s music is eclectic and small subcultures sprinkle all over the United States. Clothing is vague, not the tight androgynous sexuality of the 80’s nor the anti-fashion of the 90’s. What started as Abercrombie and Fitch became a grittier club style; all pieces of which being similar and tastelessly plagiarized from one another. Film has vastly improved aesthetically, often usurping the quality of writing and theme. Who wants to resurrect another tired comic book character? The blockbuster has become uninspired, preferring to throw kaleidoscopic visuals at its agape audience. Sans the children’s series Harry Potter, literature in the young adult demographic is hurting if not dead. Clearly this decade’s snapshot is not cultural.

    It’s my belief that we’ll be remembered for our social ineptitude. “The Free Love” era of the 1960’s will be juxtaposed with the “No Love” era of the 2000s. The current state of sexuality, love, and friendship is distorted at best. We live vicariously behind computers, often simulating emotions rather than feeling them. We find it much easier to send a smiley face in a text message than to do it with the atrophic muscles in our face. Everybody is sexually frustrated. There are no more dates. The neo-date is ritualistically standing around a keg, and drinking until you can forget your latent insecurities and kissing someone you don’t particularly care about. Foreplay is a facebook message. Sex hasn’t become an experience in itself, rather something to high five your friends about tomorrow. Choice of sexual partners has become an auction of perceived value and not judged by connection and rapport. Social circles are a stage for the grandeur, a vulgar display of grandstanding and one-upmanship to boost fragile self-worth. Everybody you know knows everything about everything. To not know is to be weak. Never, ever, show your weakness; especially when it’s going to make someone you know look better.

    I am guilty of all of these things, and you likely are too. How did it get this way? Did technology rape us of our vigor? It’s a weak excuse, albeit plausible. How can an entire generation be so unsure of themselves? It’s a fresh case for nurture over nature - an inherently good batch of children diluted by a rotted culture. I’d like to believe that most things learned can be unlearned. If this essay affects no one, it is still my catharsis, and for that my job is done. But I implore you to do it, and don’t take it from someone of higher status, a Ph. D in Young Adult Psychology, a theorist. Take it from someone, colloquially speaking, as fucked up as you are. Dare to not be aloof. Dare to not be cool. Dare to not impress people. Dare to care about someone. Dare to care.
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    I'm not much for critique, but honest opinion: I find it pretty inspiring and... fulfilling. It kind of leaves a good taste in my mouth, you know? It's not the first I've seen on the topic, nor the most comprehensive, but it is exceedingly refreshing and insightful nonetheless. I say excellent work.

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    It was ok, pretty good. The presentation felt as though it were written for an audience rather than a personal entry -- which came across as forced at points, especially in the chosen vocabulary.

    A strong candidate in journalism, authoring books in your field, or purely for others to enjoy free of charge.

    As far as the content goes, it's personal. It could easily be laid over the 1990's or 2000 or any person and you'll have people hopping up saying "That's me, that's me, that's my experience." That's the nature of art. That's my opinion.

    Good work, keep writing.

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