Eurodance Rulez!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Here Are Some Few Classic Euro:

    RMB - Spring

    Dune - Hardcore Vibes :hsd:

    Loft - Hold On

    First Base - Love is Paradise (Live) :hsd: :bowdown:

    2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Living In Cyberspace

    Real McCoy - Runaway (Live)

    Real McCoy - Another Night

    Fun Factory - Close To You

    Le Click - Tonight Is The Night

    La Bouche - Sweet Dreams

    La Bouche - Be My Lover

    Ice MC feat. Alexia - It's A Rainy Day

    Ice mc and Alexia - Think about the way (Live)

    General Base - Base Of Love Rebased

    Solid Base - Mirror Mirror

    Dr Alban - Look Who's Talking

    Magic Affair - Middle Of The Night

    Maggic affair - Omen III

    Astroline - Close My Eyes

    Fourteen 14 - Don't Leave Me (Live)

    DJ BoBo - Take Control

    Lil Suzy - When I Fall in Love

    No Mercy - Where Do You Go

    Paradisio - Bailando

    Solid Base - Sha La Long

    Captain Hollywood - More & More

    Dynamo - Vision Of Love

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