COMIC Evangelion has the worst ending evar!!!1! SPOILERS AT BOTTOM!!!!

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by TerryMathews, Jul 26, 2003.

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    I mean, WTF?!?!?!!?! I understood the ending don't get me wrong, but it didn't fit in at all with the premise of the other 24 episodes. Analyzing the feelings inside each person's head?

    End of Evangelion redeems this somewhat, but too many things are still left unanswered.

    I think Anno may be unable to write a conclusion. Look at Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances). The show just pretty much stops.

    Anyway, here's some things from EoE that I've been wondering about:


    1. What was the result of Lilith's Third Impact supposed to be? The Sea of LCL, or something else?

    There's some things too that I think I've got figured out in my head, but I want to see what everyone else thinks:

    2. Did Asuka die in EVA-02, or was she just injured? If she didn't die, was she injured physically or simply mentally? To me, it looked as though some of the Lances hit in or around the area that would contain the plug, leading me to believe that a Lance could have hit her in the eye, but it's just as likely that she was just messed up in the head.

    3. Were Asuka and Shinji the only two people left alive, Adam and Eve? From the conversation, I got the impression that the others contained in the Sea of LCL could escape if they asserted their AT field.

    4. Why wouldn't Unit-00 sync with anyone except Rei? -01 obviously wouldn't because it contained Yui Ikari, and -02 because it contained Asuka's mother, but -00 didn't contain anyone??

    5. Why was Rei injured in the beginning? Was she used to test all the EVAs in the graveyard?

    6. Where did Lilith come from? And, how did they subdue her in order to nail her to the cross?

    7. Did EVAs 05-13 look like donkeys to anyone else? Does this have any significance?

    Thats it for now.
  2. Homan

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    well it's been a while so let's see..

    1. eh?

    2. yeah i think she died in that battle

    3. dont remember

    4. i think 00 was the doctor's mother and it didn't really sync with her, rei just has willpower to overcome it? o_O not sure

    5. she was injured from an accident because 00 is the doctor's mother that commited suicide because rei told her that shinji's dad was cheating on her. She come back in the eva to see that rei is injected into her, that's why she flipped

    6. dont remember

    7. donkeys? vultures... well you know the 3 evas look like those 3 hell creatures
  3. TerryMathews

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    1. There was a goal for the Third Impact, to evolve humanity. But, the Third Impact was aborted and the rest of humanity was left as a Sea of LCL. So I was asking what the original goal of the Third Impact was.

    7. I don't know, I guess the mouth just reminded me of donkeys.
  4. TriShield

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    1. Cleanses the Earth of humanity (reduces everyone to LCL and they become "one") and creates a new (neo) biblical "genesis" with Shinji, and Asuka.

    2. She died when Unit 02 was torn apart, and resurrected later by Shinji.

    3. Asuka and Shinji were the only two left alive.

    4. It's been awhile, but I think Unit 00 was another "part" of Rei/Lilith, but I could be wrong.

    5. You're right.

    6. Lilith was the first woman and Adam was the first man, but I don't remember how they got Lilith or nailed her to a cross.

    I need to watch this series over again, but I really enjoyed the series ending, and EoE personally.
  5. RDB

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    unit 00 was made with shinjis mothers soul

    my understanding for the ending of the TV series is the 3rd impact happens and shinji is at the center and choses his friends and humanity to continue on.

    the death/rebirth/ EOE ending is the more believable ending since shinji is to afraid to make choices..
  6. Vanilla Tarantino

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    This is my take on those questions:

    1) The Third Impact was supposed to be the next step in human evolution. Humans would shed their bodies and lose their AT fields. All of the souls would be joined together as one, and nothing would separate anybody. There would be a world with no hurt, no hate, basically a utopia. However, it would result in loss of individuality. I'm not entirely sure it was "aborted," but rather Shinji made the choice to exist, giving others that option as well.

    2) She did die in that battle, but it was said that every living creature has the decision as to whether or not it will exist. After the Third Impact took place, Asuka decided she did not want to leave this world, and was able to recreate her physical embodiment.

    3) Yes, they were the only two left alive. As has been mentioned, this is basically like a neo genesis. You are correct that anybody who wanted to exist could, however, Asuka and Shinji were the only ones who desired to return to this life.

    4) Rei is part angel (or is an angel? I was never too clear on this). I think that because of that, she is able to sync with any Eva she wants. Remember how easily Kaworu synced with Unit 02? Same idea.

    5) Homan took care of this one.

    6) I never figured that one out.

    7) Didn't notice it myself. :dunno:
  7. demons rage

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    1, 2, and 3 have been greatly answered...
    4) Rei is a clone using Yui Ikari's DNA and sample tissue cells from Lillith, so shes part angel. Unit-00 did not have a soul of a person like Unit-01 and Unit-02, holding the souls of Yui Ikari and Kyoko Sorhyu, respectivally, in the evas, so im guessing thats why no one else could synchronize with Unit-00
    5) somewhere in the beginning of the series, it says that the prototype of Unit-00(orange one) went berserk during the activation test, and i think thats where she sustained her injuries... also she was probably used to test all the evas
    6) i think that they just found lillith nailed there inside the geofront... didnt it hint or say in the series that the geofront was already there.. that they didnt build any of it?(someone refresh my memory)
    7) they just looked like ugly azz mofos... although now that you mention it, the head does remind me of a donkey..

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