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Discussion in 'Online Adventures' started by phoenix1105, Sep 29, 2009.

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    So I got the basic mining thing down, and started to make a little cash. Some of the guides I have read talk about jettising pods with one ship, and then coming to pick them up with another. I guess my question is what type of ship should do the mining, and who should pick it up? Also, what, if anything prevents other people from picking up my pods.

    Anyone know a good a corp to join?

    And to round out my questions, are the sites on the net that sell game items for real money legit as far as Eve is concerned?

    Thanks for any help!
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    been a long time since i've played and I didn't do much mining but ill try and help.

    use a mining barge to mine, and then I think you use an industrial ship to pick up your can.

    you can put a password on the can so that no one can take the ore inside.

    eve university is the best noob corp to join, they teach you everything u need to know, once youre more familiar, then browse the forums, corps are always recruiting, up to you if you want to go into 0.0 space and participate in war, or maybeu do the industrial stuff, there are many options on what corp you want.

    i've purchased eve isk and items before, I think all were legit, only once I didnt get my item.
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    the process you are referring to is called jetcanning, basically you just jettison the ore out into space and its in a jetcan which holds about 27K m3 and you keep putting ore in it till its full, then use a industrial hauler ship to come pick up the ore. its the basic way of doing things but people can and will come and steal it. the secure way of doing it is to anchor Giant secure containers, but they only hold 3.9K m3 so youd need quite a few anchored around to keep from constantly warping back to empty them.

    typically for miners the ship progression is Bantam---> Osprey---> Covetor(just till you make enough money to buy a Hulk)---> then you can polish off the individual ore skills to maximize everything

    the best bet is to get into a starter style corp, Eve University is one, 1st Steps Academy is another ive heard about, quite a few around, and with them youll probably be able to get into mining gangs where you can benefit from dedicated haulers and orca support. If you want to go at it alone, then youll need a second account and make it the hauler account, which is kinda nice since you can also train them up for an orca which can haul tons and will give bonuses.

    As far as Eve legal ways to get isk and items from cash the only way is by PLEX, which is better explained on the website. Plex are basically game time cards that are traded on the standard in-game eve market

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