FIT Ever gotten pinned on bb flat bench?

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Duck dog>*
Nov 1, 2004
North Mexico
[with no spotter?]

I did for the first time in 8yrs a few months ago. I was doing 315 and on the 6th rep my left arm gave out. I had to roll it down to my legs and then dump it off of me. It wasn't that bad but sure was embarrassing :o


May 4, 2006
yeah, twice. Both times people saw me from across the gym and came over to help though :o

x2 on embarrassement though


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Nov 25, 2004
salt lake
yeah, in high school during weight training class. I was testing max bench and hit 135 for one, decided to try for a second and dropped it right on my chin. Jammed my bottom row of teeth into my lower lip :hs:

gubment cheese

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Jan 19, 2004
South Bend
i was the "emergency spotter" the other day though. Guy was benching 225 and i saw him get pinned. after saving his dumb ass he felt it necessary to tell me how he hasn't lifted in a couple of months and how he usually benches 380, blah blah blah...

i was just like "that's cool" and walked away.


Nov 26, 2003
I failed max'ing 255lbs at a buddys house when I was a sophmore in HS. His bench was in his basement and he was upstairs dicking around. Instead of calling for help, I rolled it to my hips, resting the weight on forward portion of my hip bone, then sat up and put the bar on the bench. Hurt like a mofo and no way I could that off now


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Oct 9, 2002
Philly, PA
7 years ago trying 185 lbs after being off for two weeks with the flu
tried to rack it on the bench (the lower rungs) and i missed and i dropped it on my face


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Jan 3, 2005
hella bro*cal
I did about a month ago. Was a weight I am normally pretty comfortable with, but I guess I had no energy that day and couldn't finish the rep. Basically rolled it down my leg as this dude on a machine just sat and looked at me. I got up and he gave the :ugh2: look to me while I gave the :squint:


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Sep 17, 2006
Cincinnati, OH
A long time ago. I rolled it down my chest and stomach till I could sit up then I somehow managed to hoist it off myself. Talk about weird bruises on my stomach :rofl:

I was at home by myself. The first thing that went through my head is "Oh fuck i'm going to be THAT kid that was found dead in the basement from benchpressing"


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Nov 9, 2006
IE/Riverside, CA
only did it to myself once when i was 15 I was benching alone at my house. Iono why i put the weight clips on. I was dumb enough to keep going until my left arm just gave. I was lucky that it wasnt that heavy (135lbs I think). But I was so weak and tired that I couldnt get the weight off me.

I was lying there with the bar and weights on my lower chest/stomach area for about 10 mins barely breathing before my brother got home, I really thought I was gonna die, it was some scary shit.

Edit: lol I just read Uglybob69's comment and I was thinking about that too.

Mountain Dude

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Aug 30, 2002
Yeah, got pinned at like 120lbs last year, did the roll of like everyone else. :o

The other day I had to help a guy that was pinned. Just looking at the guy I knew he was in trouble with 95lbs, then I saw his technique and I knew he was in more touble so I just watched him through the whole set. Sure enough by rep 3 he was pinned :rofl:, I just went over and pulled it off him, asked if he was okay, and said to just come to me for a spot if he needed one.

Ricey McRicerton

New Member
Nov 27, 2003
Raleigh NC
Did in highschool gym and had a friend of mine lift it off of me. :rofl: I haven't done it since. If I'm even worried that I won't finish out the set I grab a spotter.
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