SRS ever since i started dating my bf

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Suicide Pinai, Jun 18, 2005.

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    i've become even more insecure of myself....

    in the beginning, everything was so great, but i guess it was because we were able to talk to each other a lot, but now we cant. ever since his class let out, hes been busy working over the summer...

    so now i always sit here waiting for his phone call, but he barely calls now. hes been going thru some stuff and its hard not being able to be there for him because he lives 6 hours away. its hard for us to see each hoping we'll see each other again in july/august, but who knows...

    i think im just getting worse compared to how i was before. i didnt date for a year and i was fine with that. i was independant, i was on my own...but ever since i fell in love with him, ive just gone downhill. now i sit here at my house all day wondering what hes doing and hoping we'll get to talk. and i always wonder if hes cheating on me.

    this is just too much for me. i was thinking about taking a break on us, but i dont know if i can. i dont want to be without him. he brings out the best in me, but the worst when hes not around. maybe i need to be on my own again, i cant depend on him. im just scared that if we take a break, he'll find someone else...i cant be without him. what am i supposed to do?:sadwavey:
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    Well, guys aren't much into calling, here's a good advice for you.


    Simply because life is too short to wait. Waiting for phonecalls,waiting for busses, waiting for your favorite t.v show to come up , F that shit, you have to do stuf in between if you know what im saying , your decision making determines the outcome of reality , and that's a fact, so find a way you can stay with him, get yourself an appartment near his place, be together and find a way cuz otherways your relationship is dead meat.

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