FRK Everyone chuck in their Yahoo ID n desc/pic of yourself!

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by z3us, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. z3us

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    Well, this almost certainly has been done before..
    But as I dont see one on this page that is SPECIFICALLY for sharing your contact details and a teaser of yourself, I figure why not! THIS IS NOT A THREAD ASKING FOR PICTURES (as I think that would be against the rules).
    However! - A thread for people that want to be able to meet, greet, entertain and be entertained by new people, I think, would go down quite well. I'm pretty damn new here, so this would help me get to know some new people!

    Any, enough of the justification, down to the business.

    My yahoo id's are hard_nine_point_five or tellfastivegotalongmast.
    And incase you didn't catch my pictures in the 'show ur parts' thread, here are some. The bigger 3 are linked, as to not bork the thread!

    I've obviously got face shots, but prefer to disperse them privately if at all :)

    Now i've got the ball rolling, your turn!
  2. z3us

    z3us Guest

    LOL! This is working awesomely..
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    Nov 17, 2003
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    lol i think there's a thread on here someone that has lots of people's screennames on there
  4. z3us

    z3us Guest

    I was just hoping for a more up-to-date style thread.. People who CURRENTLY want to meet new people :)
    But, as i'm getting the feeling of, if its been done to death before then just delete this thread :) I apologize!

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