Evil Reboot Loop

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Deus Ex Aethera, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. My mother's computer auto-downloaded a Windows Update file. I emphasize that it auto-downloaded because I am aware of the "Microsoft Update" email virus that's going around, and I'm fairly confident that it didn't infect this computer.

    The update may or may not have installed correctly; I wasn't there to see. As soon as she clicked on the Start button to select Shut Down, the computer hard-reset and now is stuck in a cycle in which it fails to load Windows properly, reboots, apologizes for failing to start Windows properly, and proceeds to repeat the cycle.

    Aside from the self-esteem-shattering experience it must be for the computer to be constantly failing at its sole purpose in life, it's also damn frustrating for anyone who needs to USE it for anything. It won't even load far enough to run System Restore or Norton Antivirus; it doesn't make it past the logo screen. Does anybody know what may be causing this to happen?
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    I'm assuming you're using XP. If so, did you try pressing F8 during boot up and select "lask known good configuration." If that doesn't work, boot to the command prompt and run system restore from there.
  3. I am running XP. I guess I take that for granted at this point. I've already done "Last Known Good Configuration"; it just reboots again. As far as the command prompt option is concerned, are you referring to "Safe Mode with Command Prompt", or is there some other way to boot to a command prompt that I am not aware of? Also, assuming that it will successfully boot to a command prompt, what is the command line to run System Restore?
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    if it dosent boot into safe mode cmd prompt, for whatever reason, which was happening to me when I changed my start screen, you can boot off the windows XP cd...there's a repair console, it's a dos window...but make sure you type EXIT when your done, dont just reboot cause it wont make the changes...I got owned like that :o
  5. I'm afraid I don't know how to use the repair console. As far as I can tell, it works similarly to a DOS prompt, but with fewer commands. I don't suppose there is a magic "fix everything" command, but if there is, what is it?

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