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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Farva, Jul 25, 2005.

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    so i am dating this girl now and she is great, real nice, wants to be a homemaker, likes cars, is quiet , but by no means shy. anywho she is worth keeping.
    so she finds a place to live in a decent part of town and the apt is new. i am so happy for her , she had been looking for forever. it is in an house that has been converted to apts and she lives upstairs. well the downstairs tenents moved out and her ex moves in with all his stuff outside and around. this is a guy that she had been with for nearly 5 years , but have now been apart for almost 2 years. all of her stories about what she has done and where she has been , 9 x out of 10 was with him. she has to see him to get to the house computer, do her laundry in the basement, yard work,etc. basically he is always around.
    he was a real tool to her and she has no desire to even hang out with him. she is completely into me and i have no doubts about her fidelity. BUT , the fact that this guy is around , makes me upset.
    here is a guy who she spent every waking moment with for that long and now she can just cast him aside like it never happened?! it is hard to shake the guy's hand that had been with my girlfriend , esp that long. she has done nothing wrong so i cant get mad at her and she knows that this situation bothers me greatly.
    but i feel that with him around that she is not starting a new book or chapter in her life , it feels that i am just the revised edition to something that she already read. all of her friends now are from their time together , the places she knows , hell , now where she lives!!
    and its not a confidence or image thing that i feel , just a frustration and annoyance that is really strong.
    i dont want her to move because of me , when she has finally found a great place , and i dont think it is fair to ask him to leave , on account of my feelings. i dont think he has anywhere else right now to go either.

    so ......any thoughts or feelings about the situation or how to deal with my hang ups about it, i think that i have and am managing , but i would like to see what others would do in this situation:rant:
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    that sucks ...
    but there doesn't seem like there's anything you can do, and since you don't doubt her fidelity... i guess all you can do is just try not to get so hung up on it
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    I can see why you'd not want to see the ex, but her past will always be a part of her life. You can hardly fault her for where her friends came from, or that she had experiences with a guy that was not you. As your relationship goes on, you'll be making more friends and experiences together and her past will slowly fade. :)

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