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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by JaxFlJon, Jul 20, 2006.

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    So like my ex gf of a little over 2 years ago somehow tracks down my email. She lets me know that she has a son that is going to be 2yr old this feb.

    First response is: :noes:
    Then she reassures me that I am not the father :wiggle: talk about a relief.

    Anyways should I tell my current g/f that my ex had a kid?

    Also it seems like my ex might be lookin for a daddy for her kid and I am definatly not down for that. I guess I outta just tell her straight that I don't want to play daddy and that we can be 'friends' or somthing?
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    May 19, 2006
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    tell her to fuck off.

    Its quite simple. If you have a g\f, why would you want to associate with your ex anyway? ESPECIALLY if she has a kid?
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    Dont even go the friends route. If she is looking for the daddy to her baby you had better get a paternity test and quick especially if its that close in time frame. DNA tells all. If it turns out not to be yours do not mention a word to current gf unless you want to start something you cant finish. If its yours youve got other problems to worry about and then you need to worry your gf.

    I would not go on her word that it isnt yours especially if shes hits you up out the blue to tell you that she has a kid that would be concieved around the time your relationship.
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    I agree with everything but the last sentence. Why would your ex suddenly come around if she doesn't want something from you? What business is it of your current girlfriend to know that your ex had a child (you know what the first thing she is going to think is? That the baby is yours).

    Stay far far away.

    edit: Why does your title say she is pregnant?

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