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    Say I have some sheets in excel that are in different files. I have to do lists for week 1-12 for something. Each one is saved in a different file. I want to print it all out at once so that I can take advantage of duplex printing. Is there a way to make Excel print out all my sheets at once so that I dont have to print one by one, while manually turning over the pages after each sheet so that I can print on both sides?
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    In Excel 2003, there's an option in the print dialog that allows you to print the entire workbook.

    Edit: Oh - just simply print to PDF and join them. I use PDFCreator. You can turn off the "printer" so it send all the print jobs to it but doesn't prompt you to save them, then combine them, turn it back on and then save them as one PDF document. Then print the PDF document.
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