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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by 04, Aug 3, 2002.

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    Wow, yesterday my friend and I went to a local home electronics store (hint starts with a U) to get him a simple reciever. He is going to use it to power a pair of 4pi theater series speakers www.pispeakers.com that we will finish building tommorow. So we get there, and the salesman comes in the room. We tell him which reciever we want. He then tells us to check out the open box specials. We do so, and he says stuff about how Yamaha is better and such. I ask him to explain how, but he cant. So another salesman comes over and starts asking us questions. We tell him what the reciever will be used for. Then he makes the claim that if we up the money we are going to spend, we will get an increase in sound quality from the reciever! :rofl: So I tell him flat out that I have never heard a difference, and he says he can prove it to me. So we go back in the room and he picks out two recievers, a Denon and a Yamaha, both around 500 dollars. He switches between the two and is like, cant you hear a difference? He says the Denon sounds less tinny than the Yamaha. :rolleyes: Im like, well I cant hear a difference, EXCEPT ONE IS LOUDER THAN THE OTHER! I ask my friend and he says the same thing. I then ask him why the amplifiers should sound different, and he says "different circuitry". I start asking about the amplifier design topology, and he says he doesnt know all the technical stuff. So then he says, why dont you believe amps make a difference? I tell him that Richard Clark has a 10 thousand dollar test if he can hear a difference. Then he asks where Clark lives. :rofl: I tell him. Then I tell him that anyone who is an engineer who works with amplifiers KNOWS that there is not a difference in SOUND QUALITY. I then tell him that people are running the same speakers my friend will be with 8watt tube amplifiers, so any consumer level reciever will put out enough power to get his speakers over 115dB 1m. So finally we are ready to go, and get to the counter to check out his "crappy" 200 dollar Panasonic reciever. The next thing that happens I almost have a heart attack. The first salesman is asked by another salesman what the reciever will be used for, and he tells him, a pair of PA speakers. The other salesman says the amplifier will melt from THE IMPEDENCE OF THE PA SPEAKERS, yet he knows NOTHING about what speakers we will be using. :mad: I just give up, and tell him no, the amplifier will work fine, if it works with SET amplifiers, the transistor based amplifier will work just fine.

    I want to go back to the store, and make a fool of that salesman who told us that the amplifier will melt. God, what comission will do to some people. :rolleyes:

    Cliffnotes: Consumer Retail stores have a staff on hand that know nothing.


    well bud im gonna have to disagree on part of that

    yes you CAN hear a different in amps BUT its not the actual amp your hearing a difference in

    ok you have the denon and yamaha receiver they both boast their different circuitrys etc but thats not where you hear the difference only difference that really is audible is the type of crossovers used etc

    lets break down richard clarks test

    you submit him a jensen amp and i submit a brax amp

    he will no REMOVE AND DISABLE ALL part of the amp that actualy change the sound such as any crossover overs etc his test is to show if you can hear a different in the actual amplifier circuit you cant its basicalyl impossible.

    yes dont just drop the RC line :slap: i hate that people dont understand the whole test and if they do they dont explain it

    technically it is possible to hear a difference in amps so if we had the same lay out just different amps one COULD sound better than the other due to crossovers and any other extra equalization cricuitry the amps have.. thats my only disagreement

    and yes i do agree sales people are morons.. i play with them all the time..

    I was at frys electronics checking out their car audio displays and i heard their top installer telling a customer that the dvc sub is much louder in his car and it cancels out the standing waves. I didnt want to get thrown out or else i would of made him look like an utter moron infront of the poor customers that was being lied to.. Its sad that people cant learn about the products before they sell them anyone who works for me has to know how to do ANYTHING and know what T/S specs etc are and what they mean and how he can explain to a customer why xmax and sd etc are important oh well go burn the guy :)
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    Hehe, your the only one who responded in home and car audio. I wish more people would post in here. Its so slow sometimes.
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    Loud, wasting your time trying to convince 42 that there are differences b/t components. been beaten to death....
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    For the most part, yes you are right. Until someone gives me any kind of valid reason to believe otherwise, Ill stick with my beliefs. Now, we all know that their are going to be audible differences, but only because the source unit or amplifier is designed to alter the sound.

    You believe there are no differences between an audio CD and an MP3, audibly right? Clearly, literally, there are vast differences in what the MP3 compression does to the audio waveform. But your ears cannot hear it. Why do you not believe the same for cables or amplifiers? MP3 is a LOSSY compression algorithm. You lose part of the audio waveform. Probably so with amplifiers, but you dont hear it.

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