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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Skoles, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. Skoles

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    I've noticed a lot of my freezing issues have been stemming from my external FW drive. I have a generic kit w/a Maxtor 120gb drive installed, which also used to be in my PC. I had formatted it to Macs system upon getting my G5 and it's worked fine. I store my music & movies on which I access frequently (music).

    The freezing occurs when I go to access the drive in Finder. I'll either double-click it or navigate to it from somewhere else. No warnings or errors pop up & restarting Finder never works. I do a hard-reset and when the desktop comes back up the FW drive isn't there. I'll have to shut it off & turn it back on.

    I've run checks on it and it seems to be operating fine. Any ideas as to the cause?
  2. Skoles

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    I also notice that it causes issues w/my iPod when updating songs. iTunes will freeze when tranferring even if I'm playing music at the same time.
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    Sounds like something's wrong with the firewire bus to me....
  4. The bug has existed since 10.3.4. Upgrade the firmware or buy a new drive.
  5. Skoles

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    I was snooping around & turned off the "put drives to sleep" feature to hopefully aleviate the issue. I'm thinking the drive is spinning down & then not coming back online quick enough when the computer goes to access it, thus causing some issues.

    I'll find out.
  6. Skoles

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    My G5 was built in June, a week or so before I bought it. It came with 10.4.1 and I would assume the most updated firmware.

    And there is the possibility of it being the drive/enclosure.

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