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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by ctrl_alt_del, Jul 26, 2004.

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    Hi :wavey:,

    just bought a 250gig external maxtor drive. Before the postie delivers it can anyone at OT suggest some apps for me?:x:

    I’m gonna be using the drive as an mp3 store and also a few DVD rips for good measure. As well as using it for media I will be using it for work (storing captured video, render storage etc).

    So... apps I’m looking for:

    -a media player that can be mounted on the drive. In particular one that can store the media library details so I just run it and it knows where everything is. (Can winamp do this?)

    -a programme that I can run from the drive and protect (password or hide etc) my work data.

    -A messenger programme, I’ve heard about miranda-anyone got anything to say about it? Other suggestions?

    -Web browser. Firefox > *, can anyone help me out with info on how to run it from the drive if its possible?

    -any other tools you guys have used that you would recommend?

    Cheers guys :bigthumb:
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    You can run Firefox off a USB stick, or so I've read... Here, check this link out. http://texturizer.net/firefox/tips.html#oth_usb. It should be the same general idea, as far as keeping your profile and stuff.
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  4. ctrl_alt_del

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    cheers guys.checked out the FireFox thing, looks like just the ticket!:bigthumb:
    any ideas on the other stuff?

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