F1 Racing: The Best

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Guest, Aug 23, 2001.

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    F1 racing includes that best drivers and teams in the world. It is hands down the best type of raing in the world.
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    Troll :big grin:


    F1 is the most expensive and prestigous racing in the world. It's definately more of a team sport than other forms of auto racing in that each team is responsible for designing their own chassis. However that very fact makes the actual on track racing less competitive. The cars are so different from each other that the teams with the most money (hence the fastest cars) end up out front all the time. That's why you always see Ferrari and McLaren run away with it. Hell, Shumacher already secured the championship and there is still four races to go on the schedule.

    As far as open wheel racing goes though, nothing can compare with CART. They've had something like nine or ten different winners for the fourteen races they've ran so far this season. You can look at the start of a CART race and honestly say that anyone in the top three quarters of the field has a shot at winning. In F1 you know its going to be maybe one of three guys. And CART is the most diverse series - they run on short ovals, large ovals, temporary street circuits and natural terrain road courses.
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    Still CART cant be compared to F1, CART bores me, F1 doesnt, F1 has the best drivers, CART doesnt, CART races in ovals which is not real racing, CART doesnt brake as fast as F1 cars.

    CART is real nice, but nothing compares to F1, F1 is by far the best, I know that if you are not in Ferrari Mclaren or Williams then you have a real small chance of winning, but Jordan and Sauber are real good teams and the cars look better too :big grin:
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    That's nice that Jordan and Sauber have pretty cars. That doesn't change the fact that they will always be second and third seat to the top three.

    CART has by FAR more competitive racing than F1. The fact that they race on ovals strengthens their status as a truly diverse series. Do you know why the FIA said CART couldn't race on anything besides an oval outside the US? (Aside from Canada, Mexico and Australia) Because Bernie Ecclestone is afraid they would "steal the show" so to speak from F1. Just more wheel to wheel racing to be seen in CART.
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    F1 is more exciting too, most of the times the race is decided in the pit stop, and whoever has the best pit stop has a great chance of winning, CART is real nice but if all cars are the same then you can't say what car is better, what engine is more reliable, who has the best technology, but the bad thing about F1 is that cars are way too different, Minardi and Ferrari are so different, in the only thing they are alike is that both teams are italian, you got some real good points, but I still prefer F1.
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    What's up with you people? CART and F1 are SO much better than NASCRAP oh sorry NASCAR that to compare them is like asking what's better, a blow job or a threeway? They're BOTH better than most. And that's all there is. :)

    I like Schumi and Penske by the way. Flame away. :bigthumb:
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    i reckon thats debatable. these days the cars virtually drive themselves. i believe that the world rally championship has the best drivers. i believe what they do requires far more skill than steering an F1 car.

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