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  1. The Fallen Heroes Car project was born in June of 2006. The projects founder and U.S. Army veteran Robert Basil wanted a way to help show his support of our troops who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Fallen Heroes Car project is NOT "anti-war" or "pro-war" it is a "PRO TROOPS" project.

    While trying to come up with an idea Robert kept noticing all of the Scion xB's driving around the Phoenix, Arizona area with full vinyl wraps (vinyl designs covering the entire car) being used as a "driving billboard" for local and national business. Then it dawned on him, why not do the same thing with his brand new Scion xB to show support for our troops? When completed the Fallen Heroes Car will have a full body vinyl wrap designed by the great team of artists at http://www.bluemedia.com

    Once Robert posted about his idea on the Scion Life community website the response was overwhelmingly positive so he got to work and the Fallen Heroes Car project was born.

    For more details about the Fallen Heroes Car visit http://www.fallenheroescar.com
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  3. I apologize if the post is considered spam. If it is, moderators feel free to remove / move it. I didn't know where to post this and since the car will be getting some major cosmetic work I though the "buff right out" forum would have been the right place to post it.

    Again, sorry if I posted in the wrong area.
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    Please keep this thread about what cosmetic improvements you plan for the Scion. I share your sentiments about our troops but let's keep this forum focused on detailing. :)
  5. Got it, sorry Scott. :)

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