GAME Fallout New Vegas. v.itsucks


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Jul 18, 2007
Have any OTers tried this game?
I bought it thinking it would be more of the excellence from FO3. I liked it a LOT and after having platinumed, I expected to get immersed in another great world full of good quests, and memorable characters.

Instead, I get stuck with basically a series of courier quests in which I am sent from one faction to another, crossing across the most boring environment ever (the Mojave desert) and have to constantly restart because the game freezes often.

This game truly sucks. Obsidian sucks.


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Feb 25, 2004
East Coast
I have it and I couldn't get into it like I got into Fallout 3, it's just not as captivating or immersing. The game was kind of boring if you ask me, I played it for two hours and then never touched it again, while I put over forty hours into Fallout 3.


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Jul 18, 2007
I uninstalled the game file but I am still not fully convinced. I am going to play it tomorrow and then make my final decision.

I have a bunch of ammo casings but as far as usable weapons, I have the vermin rifle (which sucks to shoot humans), the 9mm, 10mm, shotgun and flamer. I specialized in energy weapons which sucks on this game as energy weapons is so hard to come by.

Maybe I should start over and put most of my points on guns.


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Jul 1, 2007
Vegas, son.
I agree, it was quite boring. Maybe it's because I had played Fallout 3 several times before it came out. The default mutant infested brown wasteland just doesn't do it for me anymore. I can't play those games without some serious mods attached.


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Apr 28, 2005
In Fallout 3 you basically do nothing but pizza delivery quests, but there was something to the desolate world that needed a guy like you.

New Vegas was more annoying pizza delivery quests in a world that does not need you.

I forget how long I put into the game, but I struggled, I tried my best to make everyone happy, and in the end the wasteland was worse off than when I got there. I'm sure the are multiple endings, but I did everything fucking right and still ended up with a shitty end.

Uninstalled after that, I wasn't about to try again. Game fucking sucked, no character was all that interesting except maybe the elvis impersonators.

I really liked FO3, probably beat it ~8-10 times with different dlcs. New Vegas just didn't work for me... I don't remember having any fun while playing.

Pvt. Joker

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Nov 10, 2000
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i bought it on launch day and played it for a like a month. I thought it seemed really lax in pretty much everything compared to F03. I recently picked it back up and finally beat it. The 2nd DLC was sort of entertaining


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Jan 2, 2006
I liked it. Definitely not as fun as 3, but still quite playable. At least your companions aren't worthless and die off after 2 shots.

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