SRS Family Drama v. Springer

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    My brother and his wife have known each other for around six and a half years. They have been married about half of that time. They have one 2.5 year old and another one due this November. He is fairly liberal, she came from a strict Mormom household, large family and all. My brother is the only guy she has ever been with. She is 27, he is 24. She is an attention whore.

    My sister and her husband have known each other for about a year and a half and have been married since October. They have a baby due this coming August. She is 21 and he is 23.

    Like I said, my sister in law is an attention whore. She flirts with everyone. She tried to date me years ago when she and my brother were in a more open relationship. I wasnt going to go there because she was, at the time, my brother's girl and girls dont really do anything for me (Im gay, she knew it at the time). In comes the brother in law, hes been around a few times, and knows what he is doing. Before my sister and he were even married my sister in law starts flirting with him. It was fairly harmless, noone thought anything of it.

    Forward to earlier this year, she (sister in law) has some guy mis-dial a number on his cell. They talk for awhile and finally he sends her a pic of his cawk. Everyone laughs it off. More time passes and the sister in law and the brother in law are getting a little too close. My sister starts having dreams that should have been a wake up call. My brother notices that whenever he walks into the computer room at his place she hurries and closes whatever chat program she was using. He gets home from the parts store the other day from buying a part for his truck (I was with him). I leave and head up to my place where I know my brother in law will be on the computer. My brother had walked into the computer room and she closed the program again, this time he saw what she was using before it was gone (Google Talk). After she left the room he opened up IE and logged on to see what she was doing. Come to find out she was hitting on my brother in law to the point most would say that it had passed cybersex. My brother tears out of the house and comes up to my place with the full intent on killing my brother in law.

    So far its all been drama that I dont have to really deal with. Now is where I start having a problem (if the brother in law and sister in law bumping uglies wasnt bad enough).

    My brother's plan was to seriously kill my brother in law. He was then going to go back out to the truck, drive up the divide and run the truck off of the cliff so he wouldnt have to deal with the heartache and police that would follow.

    I cant get it out of my mind how selfish that thought was. Hes now all boobing about how he doesnt trust her and yadda yadda yadda. If he had gone through with his plan he wouldnt have to have delt with the problem. The thought in my mind is I wish that had he done it he would have been seriously hurt but live so he would have to suffer with the stupid plan for the rest of his life. Had it worked like he had planned and not got stopped by me (and the brother in law ran like hell when he found my brother was coming) he would have hurt the family even more. Sure a spouse cheaing is painful, but his plan would have devistated my sister, my brother's wife, my parents, myself and my brothers 2 year old. Had it actually worked, I can place money that I probably would have never seen either of his children again. :sadwavey:

    I see it as a lame ass way to get out of all the shit and I kinda want to kick his ass for such a fucking retarded idea. Deal with the problem and divorce the cheating bitch.

    So, for the answer I am hoping for. Do I actually talk to him and let him know that I think it was an easy out. Should I let him know that I hoped he would have been paralyzed had it actually worked out that way, or should I just keep quiet and secretly want to kick him square in the nuts.

    CLIFFS: Brother in law does sister in law. Brother wants to kill brother in law then kill himself. I want to kick brother in the nuts because it was a fucktarded idea.
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    Obviously this is a situation that CANNOT possibly continue.

    You may find your brother selfish but listen to this, a cat in the narrow can make weird jumps, your brother found out something absolutely horrible and devastating , i want you to take it in aspect that its much worse for him (in terms of finding out she has been cheating to you) then him driving of a cliff so for him: Cheating > suicide. In such emotional distress its not akward that one would go into irrational things, i mean you see your entire future crumbling right in front of you.

    So, the most important thing is that he files for divorce,that's advice you should give him rather then going into something drastical like you stated. The drama from that will be far less then compared to the drama if he lets this (shit if i may be so indecent) go on. Your brother may be more selfish then you realised, but please take in context that that isn't the most important issue now and that he is being pushed into this situation against his will.

    Certainly this isn't a blissfull situation, but eventually the truth will be revealed to all and she will get all the misery back on her head for cheating, and jeopardizing the future of her child.

    This is a pretty horrible family situation which i always refer to as the 'black hole' complex, because you get sucked into a situation you don't want to be in, the whole family is going down the drain because of this situation, you have to save what you can save, and try to stabilize the situation, as well as staying out of it as much as you possibly can. Give your brother support and sanity whenever you can , don't choose sides, do what is in the best interest of the bigger picture.
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    Regarding your sister-in-law, it sounds like she was repressed as a child (big surprise, being Mormon and all) and didn't have a chance to grow out of it before she fulfilled her lifelong religious obligation. Somehow I get the feeling that she's not going to stop doing it, but just wait for things to calm down until she's safe again and then she'll start whoring for attention again.

    Regarding your brother, he's certainly justified in being angry with your brother-in-law, but the brother-in-law is not the person who swore to be faithful for the rest of your brother's life. Obviously killing his wife wouldn't be a splendid solution either, but he should focus his attention where the betrayal originated.

    Regarding you, this is not your problem, though you're unlikely to escape its reach. Do the best you can to keep your brother under control and let the rest of the situation sort itself out.

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