LGBT Fassion...just thought I'd start a lil sumin sumin..

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Josey, May 18, 2004.

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    Fashion...just thought I'd start a lil sumin sumin..

    Went out to the mall today and actually spent more than the time it takes to get from the car inside to Banana Republic and race back out to the car. I've been missing out, I must take a trip to just browse more often.... :rant2: hard to with work though. Anyways, I found some nice things and one that really caught me in the OH DANG that's nice category is the new line of watches that Fossil came out with...Guess has a similar line but I think they went WAY OUT on their styling. Anyway....I'd like to see, what you guys/girls think is's a pic of the watch I picked up today. :bigthumb:

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    :rofl: :rofl: :wavey:

    The watch is nice... We have a lot of watch threads going now, hehe...:bigthumb:
  3. Josey

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    I knew something didn't look right but I was tired.... :rofl:
    thanks for the kudo's on the watch...I like it...
  4. Josey

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    It's a 200 dollar Fossil....wouldn't think it would look that bad. Ah well I like it and hon that's really all that matters today. But thanks for the response! :bigthumb:

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