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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by kingfaz, May 23, 2005.

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  1. kingfaz

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    Oct 20, 2002
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    I started to Gym in Feb 2005. Click emoticon to see what I looked like before: [​IMG]

    Latest pic: May 2005 [​IMG]

    My aim: To bulk up, emphasis on upper body. I also want to lower my body fat percentage. Currently concentrating on bulking.

    Feel free to post any comments / tips / critisism etc.

    Monday 23rd May 2005

    Chest & Triceps


    Warm up: Major muscle group streches. 10 minute session kicking/punching a punch bag. Beats the treadmill I say.

    Incline Dumb Bell Bench Press.

    Setting: 40 degrees
    Weights: 2 x 20kg Dumb Bells


    Comment: Didn't pull off 8-8-8 due to forearm hurting, so I did 2 extra sets to failure. Not bad for an incline anyway with the 20kgs, forearm was limiting factor.

    Chest Dips.

    Setting: Close Grip


    Comment: Gave up too quickly on the last set, really worked both the chest and triceps though. Defo trying for 8-8-8 next time.

    Pull Ups

    Setting: Full Range


    Crap last set.. I didn't rest enough before the last set as some chubby dude was dying to use the bar so I was knocked out after 5 reps. Probably didn't rest enough after chest dips too actually. I should hit 10-10-10 really.

    Arm Extension

    Weight: 90lbs


    The 1st set seemed too easy, so I upped the weight but then my forearm was limiting my power. 2nd and 3rd sets were done to failure. Dissapointing. I killed this machine the last time round.

    Cable Tricep Pull Down

    Weight: 80lbs


    No problem. Kept the weight low so not to over-strain my forearm. Should be doing 100lbs on this usually.

    Summary: Good workout. Maybe need to add 1/2 extra exercises for the Chest/Tricep day including flat DB bench press and the barbell bench press << IMPORTANT. Left Forearm was limiting most of my weights. Noel suggested I build up forearm strength my doing forearm curls and using the opposite side i.e. palm facing down when doing bicep curls etc. Never thought of this before so I shall try.

    WEIGHT AFTER SESSION: 168 lbs (with no extra weight, didn't realise shoes alone weigh 2lbs!)


    Breakfast: Scrambled Egg, 3 x Toast, Tea.

    Lunch: Tuna & Sweetcorn Sandwich

    Pre-Gym: Creatine, 500 ml Water

    Post-Gym: Double Protein Shake

    Dinner: Chicken Jalfrezi & Egg Fried Rice. J20.

    Night: 1 litre water. Apple. Banana.

    Comments: EAT MORE U PUSSY!! More water too.

  2. kingfaz

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    Oct 20, 2002
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    Wednesday 25th May 2005

    Back & Shoulders


    Warm up: Major muscle group streches. 5 minute session punching a punch bag. No kicks as slight pain in Hip Abductors(?)

    Lever Front Pulldown.

    Primary Muscle Group: Lats
    Secondary: Delts, Traps, Misc Back

    Weight: 200lbs


    Comment: Thought i'd up the resistance. 210lbs was a good challenge. However grip is difficult with so much weight. Need to increase grip strength. 205lbs should be the minimum i lift now on this machine. Good going, progression!

    Barbell Behind Neck Press.

    Primary Muscle: Anterior Deltoid
    Secondary: Lateral Deltoid, Traps, Triceps

    Weight: 30kg


    Comment: Performed well in 1st 2 sets, so thought i'd up the resistance. Quite a challenge, failure at 6 reps twice. Maybe next-time I'll start at 32.5kg or 35kg. Progression!

    Dumbbell Bent-over Row

    Primary Muscle: General Back

    Weight: 25kg


    Comment: Kick ass! This is the 1st time with 25kg too I think, so this is my new base. Next up, 27.5kgs..


    Weight: 2 x 25kg dumbbells


    Comment: Challenging. I held each shrug for 2 seconds. Maybe if i try 22.5kgs I can shrug further up, thereby increasing the workout even though I'm dropping a weight.

    Wrist Curls

    Weight: 7kg


    Comment: New exercise. Guesstimated weight resistance. Upped to 8kg. Can probably do 9/10kg, try next time.

    Dumbbell Front Raise

    Weight: 10kg dumbells in each hand


    Comment: Just filling in time until someone freed up the barbell. Should have done 2 extra sets though.

    Barbell Bench Press

    Weight: 50kg


    Comment: Finally done the McCoy of chest exercises! Lol.. bout time and all. Even though it's not chest day I wanted to know how much I could lift. I tried 30kg, no problem (obviously). 40kg, yeh getting there. 50kg was nice. Thought i'd try repping those. Required spotter and did both sets to failure. I'm glad I have a ball-park figure now. 50kg is going to be the minimum base, not bad for a 1st attempt!! Good shit.. I reckon I should be able to up the weights very soon.

    Summary: Good workout. Tried 2 new exercises (BB bench press and wrist curls). Should have done more delt exercises though. Progression with lat pulls, behind neck press and bent-over row. Keep it up gangster... (although I 'wasted' at least one hour(!) talking to noel and that iranian dude who's name i've forgotten already.. lol).


    Breakfast: Weetabix Chocolate with Semi-Skimmed Milk (yum)

    Lunch: Scrambled Egg, 3x wholemeal toast, plum tomatoes and tea.

    Pre-Gym: Banana, 500 ml Water

    Post-Gym: Double Protein Shake

    Dinner: Fish & Chips (mega fatty middleton ones, oh well one off!), pepsi can

    Night: Creatine. 1 litre water. Apple.

    Comments: err what happened to the £24 of tuna u bought? lol.

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    Apr 29, 2005
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