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    it's ~2 years old, but it's one i've never seen of his

    Q: What do you think about the rules in MMA? What do you like and what you don`t ?
    A: Well, I like everything in PRIDE rules and I`m fully satisfied with them. The only thing that they may sort out is judging. It should be more strict, because there are often, hmm, shots to the back of the head left unnoticed...
    Q: Do newspaper guys and paparazzi often bother you? What do you think about them ?
    Reporter: Remember you once called them...
    Fedor: Haha, yee, kamikadze guys.
    A: Hmm, they don`t really bother me. Only in Japan I have to give interviews a lot. But it`s fine by me.
    Q: What characteristics you admire the most in people?
    A: (Thinks a bit, smiles) Honesty, politeness, decency.
    Q: Who was, or is your idol?
    Fedor: You mean in sport?
    Reporter: yes.
    A: I admire Yuri Vlasov. He`s our olimpic and world champion in weight lifting. I really like him as person and as a sportsman also.
    Q: What do you do to relax?
    A: I have very little time to relax.That`s why I want to go somwhere to the beach, haha. But I`ve had only a couple of oportunities to take a rest. I fight often and ....
    Reporter: But what places would you prefer?
    Fedor: I haven`t had many oportunities to rest, so I don`t know places to compare with.
    Reporter: So you are satisfied with anything just to have a rest?
    Fedor: (Smiles...) The main thing I need is beach and sun.
    Q: Are you afraid of death?
    A: No, I` think I`m not afraid.
    Q: Are there any Fedor fanclubs in Ukraine?
    A: I don`t know. Maybe there are...
    Q: Will MMA become more popular in Russia?
    A: I think that MMA will become more popular in Russia and in fact it will happen soon. There will be fight broadcasts on the central channel. Negotiations are already ongoing.
    Q: What do you think abot new Rings Center in Jekaterinburg?
    A: I haven`t been in touch with Russian Top Team for a long time. So I don`t have any information about this. All those guys - I don`t have any relations with RTT.
    Q: What dou you think about UFC, K-1 Heroes?
    A: I think that UFC has gave up their position a bit. K-1 Heroes is growing but they have a long way to go, to get to the same level as PRIDE.
    Q: How is Ivan (I guess it`s Fedors youngest brother) doing? Do he has what it takes to become champion?
    A: Ivan is still growing. It`s too early to say something about him, he`s only 18. But he has great potential and physical abilities in him.
    Q: Do you consider yourself to be the best fighter in your country, or in Pride at least in your weight category?
    A: No I don`t think so. Because there are many fighters that I haven`t fight yet.
    Reporter: But who would you like to fight?
    Fedor: (Thinks a bit...) Well , the thing is, that I don`t choose my oponents.
    Reporter: Wanderlei Silva once said that he would like to fight you! Would you like to fight him?
    Fedor: Of course (Laughs...). It would be interesting to fight Wanderlei.
    Reporter: Why?
    Fedor: Well, he`s the best in his weight category. He`s one of the best in the world and practicaly haven`t lost a fight for years.
    Q: Do you consider yourself to be the best Russian fighter.
    A: Also NO. Well, I don`t think about such things. I`m just fighting and it`s up to others who they considers the best...
    Reporter: Ok.
    Q: What do you think about other fighters from Red Devil, without Zentsov and Mogamedov ?
    A: Well, right now we are working with a couple of young guys. They`ve got good potential. Hmm, a lot bigger than Semenov Andrei, Soluev Amar and all this "older elite". I think that they will shine in the nearest future in the MMA fights.
    Q: What Fdor thinks about dropping weight? Many of top heavyweights are dehydrated...
    A: I don`t like it. In fact I try not to change my weight much, I just look after it. My normal weight is 105 to 106 kg. Even If I make up some weight when resting or recovering after injuries it`s not a problem for me. I mean I`m not the kind of guy who has to work hard on that. But in general it`s ok for grown man. It`s bad for kids who are trying to stay in their weight category, I`m not positive about this.
    Q: You are training in your team with Aleksander and Roman Zentsov, when your opponents are training in much larger teams. Don`t you lack sparring partners?
    A: Ok, lets say like this - when I became Pride champion I had only 2 sparring partners. They both were candidates for the nomination "Sport master" in judo. One was in the 71 kg and the other was in the 86 kg weight category. So I became Rings and Pride champion when training with those two guys. It was only later when my brother and Roman caught up. Summing it up - I don`t feel any lack of sparring partners.
    Q: Will you continue training together with VOS gym in Holland? Does it offends you when you are more famous outside Russia than in your homeland?
    A: Yes, I will train together with Yogan Vos, Lucien Carbin. It`s very interesting to work with those guys. They are very serious about training, true proffesionals and a very high level trainers. That`s why it`s very interesting for me.
    Abot that popularity thing - no, it does not bother me.
    Q: Do you have any plans on creating your own gym and start training guys? I believe that there would be a lot of interested people.
    A: I`ve been thinking about this but right now, while I`m figting, I won`t do this. Because I think it will prevent me from beeing successful in fighting. It would take too much of my time and energy. So right now I choose to concentrate on just one thing - fighting.
    Q: Who would Fedor like to fight in his future fights?
    A: Well, it would be interesting to fight with Wanderlei.(Thinks a bit...). But I would prefer to meet in a friendly fashion (laughs...), and have a chat with Randy Couture,Mark Coleman. They are interesting fighters and we are friends a bit.
    Q: What do you think about Tank Abbot?
    A: Well, Tank was a very good fighter, but right now I think his time is gone.
    Reporter: I think he will be in the final (28.08).
    Fedor: I don`t know. We`ll see of course, but from his last fights, that I saw, I think it`s time for him to retire. Or he may fight with lower level fighters, not the elite ones.
    Q: Do you like fishing, and if yes, what is the bigest fish you`ve catch?
    A: Hmm, I don`t go fishing (laughs...), but I would like to.
    Q: Who do you plan to fight after Mirko, if you win?
    A: I don`t plan my fights, it`s up to Pride, and right now I don`t have any offers from them.
    Q: Will you continue fighting for Pride, or will you move on to another fighting organization?
    A: I`m satisfied with Pride, and I like things here, but the answer should be asked from my manager. Hmm, there are many things - that depends on payment, relations between Pride and our team. It`s not just up to me to decide.
    Q: What do you think about boxing, and in particular about Tyson`s last loses and Kostja (don`t know who he is) ?
    A: Well Tyson`s time is gone, and I think he should retire before he..... Well, he got beat up by boxers about whom I haven`t even heard.
    About Kostja - I didn`t saw his fight, but I heard that he lost and I was very upset.
    Q: If you had the chance to retur in your past, what would you change in your life?
    A: (Thinks...) Well no - in my past there are no such things that I would really like to change!
    Q: Was there any offers for you to act in a movie, and what you think about it in general?
    A: Yes, there were offers, but I don`t want to spend my time on too many things.
    Reporter: Those offers come from Russian or foreigner filmmakers?
    Fedor: From Russian.
    Q: How do you learned to become so effective with strikes on the ground. Who teached you this?
    A: I learned it all myself. I just watched fights, studied them, find out for myself what is needed for effective striking on the ground and worked on that. Striking on the ground is one of the most important things in MMA, so I`m continuously working and evolving this.
    Q: "Fedor" is the result of hard training or is it inborn?
    A: Well, I can say, that I never stood out with my genetics and don`t think I had some extraordinary talent. Everything I managed to do with hard training, and as the time passed I cought up with more talented kids and left them behind. Because of that I think that I`m the product of hard work. Of corse your head also has to work in the right direction, because there are people who are training hard but still they don`t grow and stay on the same level!
    Q: Why is living so dificult in Russia, and what holds you here?
    Fedor: (thinks...)
    Reporter: Why don`t you leave? You are much more popular in Japan and even in the USA?
    A: Well, I was born in Russia, and I love my country. Why would I want to go somwhere when all my family and people who are close to me lives here... I like it like that and I`m happy to live in Russia.
    Q: Will you ever go into politics,if yes from which party, and if not, then what?
    A: No I don`t see myself in politics, and I`m not interested in it.
    Q: Do you like travelling, wich places do you like the most. Have you been to Baikal (deepest lake in the world in syberia) ?
    A: No I haven`t been to Baikal, but I would really love to. I like travelling and all of the place I`ve been to I liked. I like Holland, very interesting country. Befor Holland we vere training in (couldn`t understand the word), it`s also very beautiful.
    Q: Alcohol is tool for relaxation or a strike to the liver and human nature? Vodka or beer?
    Reporter: What do you like to drink?
    A: Right now I don`t drink anything. When I`m training sometimes to remove exaustion from too hard training I can have a glass of dry red wine. When I hang out with my friends or family I can have a glass of vodka or tequila. But I try not to drink beer.
    Reporter: Why?
    Fedor: Well, lets just say - it takes too long time to eliminate it from my body (laughs...). My hands and legs become like stuffed with something...
    Q: Do you believe in signs?
    A: Hmm, partly.
    Q: Sakuraba, Gracie, Mirko - your thoughts?
    A: I really like Sakuraba, but I feel very sorry for him honestly. Almost every fight is a KO, he gets hit in the head so much.... He`s very strong fighter, but, hmm, lets just say - he is not evolving as a fighter. I mean - the man he was in the first Pride shows, the same he is now. But he has a lot of heart of course.
    Gracie - well, he`s a legend. A man with a Name!
    Mirko is a very good fighter. But I think his image is stronger than the man himself. Good fighter, but talks too much.
    Q: If you start to lose, is it really the reason to leave sport?
    A: I think it depends on your inner feeling. Sometimes it happens that a fighter has so intense schedule, that he cann`t pull out, like the case with Igor Vovchanchyn. He had so many fights, he didn`t had time to rest, nothing. . . Just as he took a break, recharged his batteries, he started to win again. But there are many ways, diferent people feel it deferent.
    Reporter: Do you think that he lost his last fight due to tiredness?
    Fedor: No, in his last fight he got caught in a choke. Before that he had a losing streak and I think it was because of too many fights...
    Q: Have you had a situation when people comes to your gym and challenge you for a fight?
    A: No I don`t have such challenges.
    Q: Would you fight if there would be such challenges?
    A: Fighting is my job. If the money is there, then why not. I don`t do it for pleasure, I`m a professional and get paid for what I do.
    Q: Which elite heavyweight would you like to meet in the ring?
    Reporter: I guess this question was already answered...
    A: -
    Q: Is Fedor interested to fight in the UFC, with Mir and Arlovski?
    A: Hmm, I don`t think Pride will let me fight in the UFC. They should solve this question with my manager but fighting in the UFC is fine by me.
    Reporter: You aren`t wery excited about fighting there, are you?
    Fedor: Well, everybody knows that Pride is Nr.1 in ratings...
    Q: Would you like to start other things like brothers Klitcho - promotion, training others?
    A: I`m thinking about that, well maybe.
    Q: In your biography it says that in the army you trained wrestling by yourself, were you in the special sport forces?
    A: I didn`t trained wrestling, a gathered together many things, created something like a little gym for myself and worked on my physical training and of course were running cross. All the time I was working to become stronger. And I wasn`t in a special sport forces.
    Q: Wanted to specify - with what speed Fedor run cross?
    A: Speed is very diferent. It depends on vhat kind of cross I run. There is regenerating cross and a cross for speed. Sometimes when I have a very hard training , you wake up in the morning and it`s dificult to settle in. So I start with easy regenerating cross a couple of km, then speed up a bit and so on until by the end of the cross I`m running with very high speed.
    Q: What do you eat, do you fallow a special diet?
    A: I try not to eat anything fat, candies. Other than this everything is fine for me.
    Reporter: But you like candies?
    Fedor: No, I dont (laughs). My wife loves them and I love to make her happy.
    Q: You said that you want to become UFC champion, when are you going to do that?
    A: I don`t remember saying such things. Maybe someone asked me - if I would like to become UFC champ, and I just answered - Yes! I don`t know when to do this. I have to defend my Pride belt and I don`t think they will let me step in the octagon anytime soon.
    Q: Who do you think will win Pride midleweight GP 2005?
    A: I think it will be Wanderlei Silva.
    Reporter: We already spoke about Mirko. In which place in MMA ratings would you place him? What is the key to his sucess?
    Fedor: Key to his sucess is the thing, that his name is always in the peoples view,every time he loses, Pride gives him some easy oponents to KO and build his name back. About place - you know, time goes and everything changes. Right now I would put him third, because of his loss to Nogueira. Although as I said - time goes and maybe right now the outcome of their fight would be diferent. You can see it only in the fight!
    Reporter: Why do you drive russian car? What kind of passion you have for russian cars?
    Fedor: I`m satisfied with my car , but I don`t have any passion for it. Right now I don`t want to spend too many money on such things.
    Reporter: Ok. What are the car of your dreams?
    Fedor: I like Lexus.
    Reporter: Do you have a computer? What do you do with it and how often do yo use internet?
    Fedor: I have a computer, but my wife use it much more . Sometimes I used to play games on it (laughs...). But right now I don`t. I use internet often, I visit my site and forum.
    Reporter: We touched this issue already, but still - why MMA is not so popular in Russia?
    Fedor: There are not so many TV translations, people have heard about fights "without rules" but they don`t know much. They haven`t seen it, But I hope things will change in the nearest future.
    Reporter: Are there any certain negotiations going on?
    Fedor:Yes, there are. Channel TNT gives his prime time, also there are talks with NTV, 1 and 2 channel in Russia.
    Reporter: Those talks are about translating Pride shows?
    Fedor:Yes, Pride and Mixfights, but mainly Pride.
    Reporter: You live in the flat, would you like to live in your own house?
    Fedor: Yes of course I would like to have my own house, but right now I don`t have time to to deal with this question. Maybe a little bit later.
    Reporter: Do you have any pets?
    Fedor: No we don`t have any pets. Ahh, a turtle, we have a turtle (laughs).
    Reporter: What pets do you like?
    Fedor: I like cats and dogs. But I don`t have time to deal with them and I have little daughter. My mother has two cats, it`s enough (smiles).
    Reporter: Well, thats all. What would you like to say to all your fans?
    Fedor: (Thinks a bit...) Big thanks to everybody, I will try to fight worthy and win fights. I will do anything I can for it.

    class act and very humble feller :coold:
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    Sydney, Australia
    Thanks, interesting read.
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    Kansas City
    It always impresses me how humble Fedor is, even though he is the baddest man in the fight game...
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    Centennial, CO
    thats really old, but interesting

    I would like to see his anwsers to those questions how 2 yrs later, especially him talking about how he wants to fight and his commnts on Saku, Gracie, Mirko
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    there's just something about him. guy's always smiling, seems to respect his opponents. just gracious and humble. :cool:
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    but you are him :eek3:

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    If more guy's like Hughes, Sylvia, etc could learn to have a attitude like him they would be much more liked. That guy (Fedor)could lose all the time and people would still love to watch and listen to him.
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    Kansas City area
    wow, humble humble humble.

    would love to watch him tear tim silvia apart, too bad that dana will never make the mistake of allowing that fight to happen lol
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    I can't believed I read all that.
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    Wow he is really humble :cool:

    I wonder how much money he makes.
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    word was his real purse for the Real Deal fight was around 1 million and I have seen records before that were 800,000 + a fight.
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    :rofl: me too. but i enjoyed it :)
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    Fedor: Of course (Laughs...). It would be interesting to fight Wanderlei.

    :rofl: I can just imagine that laugh he made thinking "yeah, i'd love to fight him cause i'd win so easily!"
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    :cool: good read. He seems like such a genuinely nice, humble guy. I'd love to hang out with him.
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    cool how he says he would like to meet randy ..... as a friend.... they are much alike... but coleman??
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    this thing is 2 yrs old....
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    shut up!! :ugh:
    seriously though lol... coleman has never striken me as a humble guy .. i always thought of him as literally a roid monkey douche bag.

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