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    Wuzz good peoples!! It's ya boy T.O.N.E-z I just released my new mixtape "T.O.N.E-z Radio Pt.1" The mixtape features the remix of "Me And You" by CASSIE with Me spitting heat....also the club banga "Superman" Featuring Myself,Bone Crusher,and Shaqile O'neal, Plus an Unreleased collabo with DMX that was supposed to be on LL Cool J's album G.O.A.T but never got released..The cd is only $6.00 for digital download.. If you want some real shyt some good hip hop and lyrics drop by my website checkout the snippets and if you feel what you hear cop it, if not thanks for comming by and DROP DEAD!! nah just drop by and show some love/hate/ feedback whatever!! and If you have my space log onto my page and add me!!

    P.S. here's an interview I did on

    Interview with Rap God Fathers

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