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    Slight success towards end of post, if you want to cut all the BS first

    Well, I haven't been too much in the game, so to speak. My last "attempt" if you can really even call it that, was with a girl who I was friends with...however, in all honesty, she was a slut, big time.

    Needless to say, she wanted to actually attempt some kind of relationship with me, but as I already expected, litterally only lasted the weekend, when she decided that she would just ignore me outright, and I told her that it's not going anywhere at this rate, thats all. The next morning, she's fucking some other dude, so yea, I should have jumped out of that bullet long before, but hey, nothing happened so it's fine to me.

    And for the life of me, I don't know how or why I keep meeting these types of people...

    More BS/meh

    A girl whom showed extreme interest in me (I mean blantent signs that even the most solitary basement dwelling nerd would catch onto) while I was with my very first GF, who's also been a friend of mine for a few years now, has started showing signs of interest, but I'm still having a hard time trying to figure out what she wants..it's almost a cross between a relationship or a general "fuck buddy," but I'm not sure. The only thing that is bothering me, is that she says she's still a virgin. I know, alarms blairing at that, even I'm like "I don't know if it's a good idea." She tells me that she *thinks* shes a lesbian, but hell, I can tell you that she's not..probably a phase, much like my ex said she was thinking before I got with her.

    Talking to her today, she was explaining it to me that she wants to experience intercourse with a man, for both the experience, as well as I guess putting it in her mind wether or not she's lesbo or whatever. She's not those crazy types, me explaining it I guess will make you think so, but she's not. I just think she's confused, cause she's always has had a hard time trying to find a BF and had trouble dating in general, for as long as I've known her..so that's probably why all that got in her head...but shit, as soon as I start talking to her, watch out, Niagra Falls.

    We both are attracted to each other very much, but it's just her being a virgin, and her wanting ME specifically to be her first. She says she's afraid of hurting me, cause she claims it would just be casual, but although I like her alot, I'm afraid that she's going to get too attached or clingy, and she dosn't realize it.

    Today's success:

    Went to a pig roast/pool party today, had a great time. Was with all the other Army ROTC cadets, and engineers. lol actually ran into that girl who led me on only to tell me she had a BF....that was alooong time ago, but funny..she actually invited me to their wedding!

    Anyways, I got talking to a really cute blond by the pool. She was really cool and down to earth, fun talking to, etc. She's half cuban like me, same age, and seemed like a fun girl. I'm not too sure, but she may have seemed nervous around me a few times, but I can't say. Either way, managed to get her number, and gotta wait to see what happens! I'm excited :)

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