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    I found this list on the int0rweb... It is highly incomplete.
    And if it's "tar oldz" it's probably cause You are tar old.
    I've added a few to make it not so old. How many can you come up with?


    ACAROPHILIA: Affinity for itching
    ACOMOCLITIC: Preference for hairless genitals
    ACOUSTICOPHILIA: Arousal from sounds
    ACROPHILIA: Arousal from heights or high altitudes
    ACROTOMOPHILIA: Arousal from amputees
    ACTIRASTY: To become aroused from exposure to sun's rays
    ACUCULLOPHALIA: Circumcision
    ADAMITISM: Going naked for God
    ADOLESCENTILISM: Cross-dressing or playing the role of an adolescent
    AELUROPHILIA: Deriving gratification from cats
    AGALMATOPHILIA: Attractions to statues or mannequins
    AGAMIC: Asexual; parthenogenic
    AGONOPHILIA: Person who is aroused by a partner pretending to struggle
    AGORAPHILIA: Arousal from open spaces or having sex in public places
    AGREXOPHILIA: Arousal from others knowing you are having sex
    AICHMOPHILIA: Love of needles and other pointed objects
    AIRBRUSHOPHILLIA: Attraction to nude airbrushed pics.
    ALBUTOPHILIA: Arousal from water
    ALGOLAGNIA: Sexual satisfaction resulting from giving or receiving pain; sadism or masochism
    ALIPHINEUR: Person using lotion to arouse a partner
    ALLOERASTY: Use of nudity of another person to arouse a partner
    ALLOTRIORASTY: Arousal from partners of other nations or races
    ALTOCALCIPHILIA: High heel fetish
    ALVINOLAGNIA: Stomach fetish
    AMATRIPSIS: Masturbation by rubbing labia together
    AMAUROPHILIA: Preference for a blind or blindfolded sex partner
    AMBISEXTROUS: Pertaining to a bisexual person
    AMELOTASIS: Attraction to absence of limb aha, 1hotmammy!
    AMOKOSCISIA: Arousal or sexual frenzy with desire to slash or mutilate women
    AMOMAXIA: Sex in a parked car
    AMPHIEROTISM: Capacity of erotic reaction toward either sex
    AMPHIGENTIC INVERT: An individual who regularly engages in sexual activity with persons of both genders
    AMPHISEXUAL: Bisexual
    AMULIEROSIS: Result of sexual privacy
    AMYCHESIS: Act of scratching partner during sexual passion
    AMYCHOPHILIA: Deriving sexual pleasure from being scratched
    ANACLITISM: Arousal from items used as infant
    ANALINCTUS: Licking the anus
    ANALINGUS: Rimming or penetration of anus with tongue
    ANASTEEMAPHILIA: Attraction to a person because of a difference in height
    ANAXIPHILIA: Act of falling in love with a loser by someone who should know better
    ANDROGYNY: Having both male and female characteristics
    ANDROIDISM: Arousal from robots with human features
    ANDROMANIA: Nymphomania
    ANDROMINETOPHILIA: Arousal from female partner who dresses like male
    ANDROSODOMY: Anal sex with a male partner
    ANILILAGNIA: Sexual desire for older women
    ANISONOGAMIST: Attraction to either older or younger partners
    ANOCRATISM: Anal sex
    ANOMEATIA: Anal sex with a female partner
    ANOPHELORASTIA: Arousal from defiling or ravaging a partner
    ANORAPTUS: Rapist who only attacks elderly women
    ANTHOLAGNIA: Arousal from smelling flowers
    ANTHROPOPHAGOLAGNIA: Rape with cannibalism
    ANTHROPOPHAGY: Pleasure derived from the ingestion of human flesh
    ANTIPUDIC: Covering one’s genitals
    ANTIOPHILIA: Fondness for floods
    APHALLATIA: Celibacy
    APOTEMNOPHILIA: Person who has sexual fantasies about losing a limb
    ARACHNEPHILIA: Attraction to spiders
    ARPAGEE: A raped woman
    ASPHYXIAPHILIA: Arousal from lack of oxygen
    ASTHENOLAGNIA: Arousal from weakness or being humiliated
    ASYNODIA: Celibacy particularly due to impotence
    AULOPHILIA: Love of flutes
    AUTAGONISTOPHILIA: Exhibitionism; arousal from exposing naked body or genitals to strangers while on stage or while being photographed
    AUTASSASSINOPHILIA: Arousal from orchestrating one's own death by the hands of another
    AUTOEROTIC ASPHYXIA: Arousal from oxygen deprivation and sometimes risk of dying
    AUTOGYNEPHILIA: Arousal from crossdressing
    AUTOMASOCHISM: Arousal from inflicting intense sensations of pain on one's own body
    AUTONEPIOPHILIA: Sexual attraction from dressing or being treated like an infant
    AUTOPEDERASTY: The insertion of one's own penis into their anus
    AVERING: A boy’s begging in the nude to arouse sympathy
    AVISODOMY: Breaking the neck of a bird while penetrating it for sex
    AXILLISM: The use of the armpit for sex
    BATRACHOPHILIA: Attraction to frogs
    BELONEPHILIA: Arousal from pins or needles
    BIASTOPHILIA: Pleasure from forcible rape of a terrified stranger
    BLISSOM: To copulate with an ewe
    BOTULINONIA: Sex with a sausage
    BROMIDROPHILIA: Arousal from bodily smells
    BRONTOPHILIA: Love of thunderstorms
    BROTHER-O-Phellia: Erection from stublimg in on your brother masturbating, aha Return!
    CANOPHILIA: Turned on by dogs
    CAPNOLAGNIA: Arousal from watching others smoke
    CAPONIZE: To castrate a chicken
    CATAGELOPHILIA: Love of being ridiculed
    CATAMITE: A boy used in homosexual relations
    CHASMOPHILIA: Attraction to nooks, crannies, crevices, and chasms
    CHEIMAPHILIA: Deriving pleasure from cold or winter
    CHIONOPHILIA: Love of snow
    CHREMATISTOPHILIA: Arousal from being charged for sex or robbed
    CHRYSOPHILIA: Arousal from gold or golden objects
    CLAUSTROPHILIA: Love of being confined in small places
    CLIMACOPHILIA: Deriving pleasure by falling down stairs
    COMMASCULATION: Homosexuality between men
    CONCUPISCENCE: Excessive sexual desire
    CONTRECTATION: The love play preceding sexual intercourse
    CONVERTITE: A reformed prostitute
    COPROLOGY: The study of pornography
    COPROPHEMIA: Obscene language
    COPROPHILIA: A fancier of feces
    CRATOLAGNIA: Arousal from strength
    CRUROPHILIA: Sexual arousal from legs
    DACRYPHILIA: Arousal from seeing tears in the eyes of a partner
    DASYPYGAL: Having hairy buttocks
    DENDROPHILIA: Attraction to trees
    DEOSCULATE: To kiss affectionately
    DEPUSCELATE: To lose one’s virginity
    DIGENESIS: Alternately sexual and asexual reproduction
    DIGENOUS: Bisexual
    DIOESTRUM: The time when a female animal is not in heat
    DORAPHILIA: Love of animal skins
    DOWCET: A deer’s testicle
    DYSTYCHIPHILIA: Deriving pleasure from accidents
    ECDEMOLAGNIA: Arousal from traveling or being away from home
    EMETOPHILIA: Arousal from vomit or vomiting
    EMMENOLOGY: The study of menstruation
    EPHEBOPHILIA: Compelling need for an older person to seek adolescent partners for sexual gratification
    EPIGAMIC: Tending to attract the opposite sex during mating season
    EPISTEMOPHILIA: Abnormal preoccupation with acquiring knowledge (This best describes me)
    EREMOPHILIA: Maniacal desire to be left alone
    ERGOPHILIA: Love of work and labor
    EROTOPHOBIA: Fear of sexual love
    EROTOPHONPHILIA: Attaining sexual satisfaction from murdering complete strangers
    ERYTHROPHILIA: Becoming aroused by blushing
    FEMORAL COITUS: Penis-thigh sex
    FISSIPARISM: Reproduction by fissioning
    FORMICOPHILIA: Enjoyment of the use of insects for sexual purposes
    FROTTEUR: A person aroused by brushing up against clothed people in public places
    FURTLING: The use of fingers underneath cut-outs in genital areas of photos for arousal
    GAMOPHOBIA: Fear of marriage
    GENICON: A sexual partner imagined by one who is dissatisfied with her actual partner
    GENOPHOBIA: Fear of sex
    GERONOSEXUALITY: An attraction where the object of desire is 30 years older or more
    GERONTOPHILIA: Arousal from an older partner
    GOMPHIPOTHIC: Arousal by the sight of teeth
    GRAPHOLAGNIA: Maniacal interest in obscene pictures
    GRIVOISERIE: Lewd and lascivious behavior
    GUNZEL: A passive, orally oriented, male homosexual
    GYMNOPHOBIA: Fear of nudity
    GYNANDER: A female pseudo-hermaphrodite
    GYNOPHOBIA: Fear of women
    GYNOTIKOLOBOMASSOPHILIA: Deriving sexual pleasure by nibbling on a woman’s earlobe
    HAMARTOPHILIA: Love of committing sinful acts
    HAPTEPHILIA: Arousal by being touched
    HARPAXOPHILIA: Getting pleasure by robbery or being robbed
    HEBETIC: Happening at puberty
    HEDONOPHOBIA: Fear of pleasure
    HEMIPENIS: One of the paired sex organs of many reptiles
    HETAERISM: Extramarital sex; communal marriage
    HOMILOPHILIA: Arousal from hearing or giving sermons
    HYMENORRHEXIS: Defloration of the hymen
    HYPNOPHILIA: Turned on by the thought of sleeping
    ICOLAGNIA: Arousal from contemplation of, or contact with sculptures or pictures.
    INFANTILISM: Attraction to childhood items
    ISOPHILIC: Relating to same gender affection sans sex
    ITHYPHALLIC: Pertaining to the phallus carried in Bacchanalian festivals; lewd
    KAINOTOPHILIA: Getting pleasure from change
    KAKORRHAPHIOPHILIA: Arousal from failure
    KALOPSIA: Condition where things appear more beautiful than they really are
    KENOPHILIA: Attraction to empty or open spaces
    KERAUNOPHILIA: Turned on by thunder and lightning
    KINESOPHILIA: Arousal from movement and exercise
    KLISMAPHILIA: Sexual pleasure from enemas
    KNISSOPHILIA: Attraction to incense-burning
    KOPOPHILIA: Arousal from physical or mental exhaustion
    LALIOPHILIA: Arousal from public speaking
    LALOCHEZIA: Talking dirty to relieve tension
    LAPAROHYSTEROSALPINGOOOPHORECTOMY: Surgical removal of the female reproductive organs
    LIGYROPHILIA: Turned on by loud noises
    LILAPSOPHILIA: Arousal from tornadoes
    LITHOPHILIA: Attraction to stones, gravel, or mud
    LYSSOPHILIA: Sexual arousal from becoming angry or upset

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    MACHLAENOMANIA: Masochism in women
    MACROMASTIC: Pertaining to large breasts
    MACROPHILIA: Attraction to giants or giant creatures
    MAIESIOPHILIA: Arousal from childbirth or pregnant women
    MANIAPHILIA: Attraction to insane people
    MASTIGOPHILIA: Sexual gratification from punishment or being whipped; masochism
    MAZOPHILIA: Compulsion for breasts
    MECHANOPHILIA: Turned on by machines
    MEGALOPHILIA: Arousal from large objects (not necessarily fat)
    MELISSOPHILIA: Attraction to bees
    MENOPHANIA: The onset of menstruation; false menstruation
    MENTULATE: Possessing a large penis; well-hung
    MERKIN: A pubic hair wig
    METOPOPHILIA: Turned on by a person’s face
    METROPHILIA: Arousal from poetry
    MISAPODYSIS: Hatred of undressing in front of someone
    MIXOSCOPIA: Orgasm achieved by watching one’s beloved have sex with someone else; voyeurism
    MONORCHID: Having one testicle
    MULIEBRITY: Assumption of female characteristics by a male
    MULTIGRAVIDA: A woman who has been pregnant more than once
    MUSOPHILIA: Attraction to mice
    MYSOPHILIA: Love of dirt or becoming dirty
    NANOPHILIA: Sexual attraction to a short partner
    NARRATOPHILIA: Arousal from erotic conversations
    NASOPHILIA: Arousal from the sight, touch, licking, or sucking of a partner's nose.
    NEANILAGNIA: A yen for nymphets
    NEBULOPHILIA: Arousal from fog
    NECROPHILIA: Sexual gratification only by having sex with the dead
    NEMOPHILIA: Love of forests
    NEOPHILIA: Arousal from anything NOT "Teh Oldz"
    NOSOPHILIA: Love of becoming ill
    NOTHOSONOMIA: Calling someone a bastard
    NOVERCAMANIA: Sexual attraction to one’s stepmother
    NYMPHOLEPSY: Trance incurred by erotic daydreams
    OCHLOPHILIA: Attraction to crowds
    OCNOPHILE: Someone chronically dependent on their lover
    OCULOLINCTUS: The act of licking a partner's eyeball
    ODYNOPHILIA: Deriving pleasure from pain; masochism
    OIKOPHILIA: Attraction to one’s home
    OLFACTOPHILIA: Sexual gratification from smells
    OMBROPHILIA: Turned on by rain or being rained upon
    OPHELIMITY: The ability to please sexually
    OPHIDIOPHILIA: Arousal from snakes
    OSMOLAGNIA: Arousal caused by bodily odors, such as sweat or menses
    PANTOPHILIA: Arousal from just about everything imaginable
    PAPHIAN: Erotic; pertaining to illicit love
    PARTHENOPHILIA: Attraction only to virgins
    PECCATOPHILIA: Arousal from sinning or having committed an imaginary crime
    PEDIOPHILIA: Attraction to dolls
    PEDOPHILIA: Attraction to younger partners
    PENIAPHILIA: Erotic fascination with poverty
    PENTHERAPHILIA: Sexual attraction to one’s mother. Aha, pwnd!
    PEODEIKTOPHILIA: Sexual arousal from exhibitionism
    PHILOPHOBIA: Fear of falling in love or of being loved
    PHOTOSHOPPEPHILLIA: Sexual attraction to shitty Photoshop pics found on Teh Landfill
    PHRONEMOPHILIA: Turned on by the act of thinking
    PHTHIRIOPHILIA: Attraction to lice
    PHYGEPHILIA: Arousal from being a fugitive
    PIZZLE: A whip made of an animal’s penis
    PLACOPHILIA: Arousal from tombstones
    PLUVIOPHILIA: Sexual stimulation from rain or being rained upon
    PNIGOPHILIA: Aroused from people choking
    POINEPHILIA: Turned on by punishment; masochism
    PONOPHILIA: Attraction to overwork
    PORNOCRACY: A government by prostitutes
    PORNOLAGNIA: Desire for prostitutes
    POTAMOPHILIA: Arousal from streams and rivers
    PREMENACMIUM: Life before menstruation begins
    PRIAPISM: Persistent and painful erection, usually the result of a disease
    PRONOVALENCE: Ability to have sexual intercourse in a prone position only
    PSELLISMOPHILIA: Becoming aroused by stuttering
    PTERIDOMANIA: An intense desire for ferns
    PTERONOPHILIA: Sexual gratification from being tickled by feathers
    PYGMALIIONISM: Falling in love with one’s creation (a la "My Fair Lady")
    PYGOPHILIA: Aroused from buttocks
    PYROLAGNIA: Sexual stimulation from watching fires
    QUADOSHKA: American Indian form of tantric sex
    QUEENING: Sitting on the side of a person's face as a form of bondage
    RÉTIFISM: Foot and shoe fetishism, including using the shoe for masturbation
    RETROCOPULATION: Fornicating from behind ("Doggie position")
    RHABDOPHILIA: Finding pleasure in being severely criticized
    RHYTIPHILIA: Arousal from facial wrinkles
    SACOFRICOSIS: The practice of cutting a hole in the bottom of a front pant pocket in order to masturbate in public with less risk of detection
    SCELEROPHILIA: Attraction to bad guys or unsavory characters
    SCOTOPHILIA: Turned on by darkness
    SEPTOPHILIA: Sexual attraction to decaying matter
    SIDERODROMOPHILIA: Arousal from riding in trains
    SITOPHILIA: Deriving pleasure from eating
    SOCERAPHILIA: Excitement from one’s parents-in-law
    SOPHOPHILIA: Sexual gratification from learning
    SOROPHILIA: Attraction to one’s sister
    SPECTROPHILIA: Arousal from looking at oneself in a mirror
    SPERMATOPHOBIA: Fear of semen
    STASIVALENCE: Ability to have sexual intercourse only while standing
    STAUROPHILIA: Arousal from the cross or crucifix
    STHENOLAGNIA: Arousal from displaying strength or muscles
    STYGIOPHILIA: Deriving pleasure from thoughts of hell
    SUCCUBUS: A female demon who seduces men in their sleep
    SUPINOVALENT: Able to fornicate only while lying on the back
    SYMPHOROPHILIA: Arousal by accidents or catastrophes
    SYNGENESOPHILIA: Sexual attraction to one’s relatives
    TAPHEPHILIA: Arousal from being buried alive
    TAPHOPHILIA: Love of funerals
    TELEOPHILIA: Affinity for religious ceremonies
    TEHFORUMOPHILLIA: Getting a boner while reading gay topics
    TENTIGINOUS: Lascivious
    TERATOPHILIA: Arousal from deformed or monstrous people
    THALASSOPHILIA: Love of the sea
    THASSOPHILIA: Attraction to sitting
    THREPTEROPHILIA: A fondness for female nurses
    THYGATRILAGNIA: A father’s sexual love for his daughter
    TIMOPHILIA: Arousal from gold or wealth
    TOCOPHILIA: Fondness for pregnancy and childbirth
    TONITROPHILIA: Love of thunder
    TOXIPHILIA: Attraction to poisons
    TOXOPHILIA: Love of archery
    TRAGALISM: Lust; lechery; obscenity
    TRANSFEMINATE: To change from woman to man
    TRAUMATOPHILIA: An unconscious desire to be injured
    TRIBADISM: Mutual genital-fondling between lesbians
    TRICHOPATHOPHILIA: Sexual attraction to hair
    TRIPSOLAGNIA: Arousal from having hair shampooed
    UNDINISM: The association of water with erotic thoughts
    URANISM: Homosexuality
    URANOPHILIA: Sexual arousal by heavenly thoughts
    UROLAGNIA: Sexual pleasure from urinating
    URTICATION: The use of nettles to create extra sensation
    UXORAVALENT: Only able to attain sex extramaritally (men)
    UXOROVALENT: Able to score only with one’s wife
    VACCINOPHILIA: Turned on by becoming vaccinated
    VAMPIRISM: Consuming blood of a partner for arousal
    VICARPHILIA: Arousal from other people's exciting experiences
    VINCILAGNIA: Arousal from bondage
    VIRAGINITY: Masculinity in a woman
    VIRGIN: Sexual attraction to virgins
    VIRIMIMISM: Adoption of masculinity
    VIRIPOTENT: Sexually mature
    VITRICOPHILIA: Sexual attraction to one’s stepfather
    WETHER: A castrated ram
    WHELP: To bear offspring
    WHIRLYGIGS: Testicles
    WITTOL: A husband who tolerates his wife’s infidelity
    XENODYNAMIC: Person who is only potent with strangers
    XENOPHILIA: An attraction to foreign customs, traditions, and foreigners
    XERONISUS: Inability to reach orgasm
    XYLOPHILIA: Turned on by wooden objects
    YELD: Not old enough to procreate
    YLOPHILIA: Affinity for forests
    YONI WORSHIP: Worship of the female genitals
    ZELOPHILIA: Sexual arousal from jealousy
    ZOOERASTIA: Sexual intercourse with an animal
    ZOOPHILIA: One who is strongly attracted to animals in a spiritual, sexual, or emotional sense
    ZOOLANDEROPHILIA: Unexplainable sexual arousal from looking at pictures of metrosexuals inThis Thread
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    What's that supposed to mean?

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