few simple RAID harddrive Qs

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by chinaboy1021, Nov 15, 2003.

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    Im having a hard time making up the choice.

    my system is
    a AMD 1.7ghz
    using an asus av7333 mother board.

    recently my computer got really fucked due to cpu over heating. before i figured that out, i thought it was raid driver problem so i turned it off(as the pc could not detect my HD).

    now for the questions:

    #1 will using raid cause higher cpu temperatures and my system to crash again. before i got new heatsink and fan, my cpu was at 40*c startup reaching up to 85*c running. scary shit.

    #2 i got two 40G hard drives and after i stopped using raid, it feels the computer is quite slow. is it just me? or does raid reallymake a big difference.

    #3 if i want to set it up again, how do i install the drivers correctly and where to get the drivers. thats after i turn on the raid features via the tiny plastic connector on the motherboard.

    sorry i dont knw much about computers, but i feel slow without the raid. could be just me. any suggestions thanks for ur help.
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    2.) Depends on what RAID setup you are using. I'm assuming that you created a RAID 0 or stripe set. These type of RAID sets are significantly faster than JBOD's or single disk(s) setups. So you, stripe sets do make a big performance difference.

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