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Jan 7, 2007
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Is it a fate or something
yeah, it's a guaranteed spawn inside of a 48hr window but it shares a 30min CD with two other fates. So every 30 minutes there's a chance for one of the three to spawn and the chances for it to spawn go up the longer it's been. That being said sometimes it's happened literally back to back and other times it's been in the last minute of the 48hrs. :rofl:


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Dec 21, 2000
@the_antsy_honda @Jay

I'm only up to the 2nd half of Labyrithos [sp?], so I haven't looked at any spoiler text. I've got 4 or 5 jobs at 90, but I'm taking my time on the MSQ because I don't want it to finish :o

Also completing eevery side quest in the new zones, something I've haven't done before and should probably go back and do
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My shit don't stink
Dec 21, 2000
I also realize I don't even have R3 fates in all of the ShB zones. I need to go and do that, too.

I should also add that I started playing FFXIV as the pandemic started (March 2020) since I have 3 gamer friends who have played it since Stormblood and urged me to try it out. And I got hooked hard. Completed all the old EX and S stuff prior to ShB, and progged through E11S in ShB. Hell, I even have my crafters and gatherers at 80 and geared. I'm ashamed to say I have more playtime in this game than I did with all 4 or 5 years with Destiny 1, and me and my friends constantly played that :rofl:
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